Give a primitive feeling to the rustic interiors with rustic rugs

If you have ever demanded for a rustic shabby carpets in your life, I must say that you have a good knowledge over trendy carpets. After the popularity of persian rugs, people are getting more and more on the tribal carpets.

We all love been in the past, say it a history or just to show on some products. When you see carpets portraying the past, it enlivens the room with the fantastic design. In modern world, rustic rugs have become more popular and a go to demand. People want them to make their home feel like an ancient modern style.

Both of these beautifully handmade oriental rugs and persian rugs have successfully created an impression of a Scandinavian modern, Bohemian, eclectic, coastal, Moroccan, shabby chic, French country types of design and pattern. These rustic decor are fab!

When should you be using these rustic carpets?

If your house has the ambiance of a contemporary style then these rustic carpets are just awesome for it. It adds charm and delicacy to your home.

What do we mean by rustic rugs?

When we say the word “rustic”, you must imagine about some isolated place in a vast rural area or some sort of an item that has some rough space or surface, showing some rustic life or what they  used to do in those isolated places. Is that true? That’s what rustic mean in an english lexicon!

In the world of carpets, rustic has got a different outlook.

The origin of the rugs

These tribal rugs are traces back to the golden age where the Safavid empire was in power. These rustic rugs were then designed to be  formal and sophisticated. These rustic designs are still copied by modern manufacturers.

During those times, these carpets were made by remote tribes. What’s so special about these carpets are the beauty that it encaptures. The nature, the people, the communities all are bound up together in this fantastic art form. The moment when these rugs have stepped out to different places, people quickly fell in love with these types of rustic designs.

The design patterns created by these tribes are unique and can never be replicated even if any one graduates from weaving school. The tribal people used brilliant colors to portray their life and were engaged in creating ancient symbols and geometric figures.

Why these rustic rugs are so fantastic?

If you are an ancient admirer, you must have a fascination for the rustic work. Rustic patterns and designs are so amazing that it almost makes you feel like you are living in the past. These types of persian rugs were originally came from Morocco, Bokara, Kazak, Khotan, and the tribes of the Caucasus Mountains. If you visit these places now, you will see that they still use the same rustic formula that was used a thousand years ago.

These antique rugs are produced by tribes who still continue to live in the same standard as they used to in their historical times.

Some historical moment with antique rugs

Morocco is a desert tribe and they played an important role in shaping the country with their antique rugs.  The Berber tribes are the original inhabitants of Morocco. Symbols of these tribes are still found in many rugs and other cave paintings. These symbols are really aesthetic in presenting a primitive life.

We should be very proud of them as they are the only one such example of many tribes that have successfully incorporated the ancient traditions to the home decor.

Bringing rustic rugs to your home

Many modern interior designers suggest using a rustic rug in order to give the home a rich texture of antique and modern mixture. In modern homes where the interior decor is filled with plants, hardwoods and huge colors, the antique rugs are best suited. Adding a wall hanging or a plant hanger adds up the beautiful environment of the house.

Avoid bringing faded antique rugs as it does not adds a timeless character that can not be replicated through modern technology.

But a lot of modern manufacturers are intentionally creating modern persian rugs that look kinda old and faded. Just like you buy something containing vintage look.vintage designs are quite peaceful to the eye. They are colorful and antique which adds a space and calmness to the house. Wherever you keep these rugs, it will shine your room with a primitive feeling of modern ambiance.

Shabby chic rug and its speciality

A bedroom and guest room rugs are just marvelous to go for, either you are having a persian rugs or antique rugs. But what about the kitchen? Or living room? Yes, that’s true every kind of rugs will go for any type of room unless the rug is really old or very poor quality. But after asking an interior decorator, they will explain to you how different rooms have different vibes. These vibes are of course positive. The vibes varies in different rooms. You just can’t go randomly with any rugs you see out there. It should be in organized and sensible enough to match the warmthness of your room.

A shabby chic rug is suitable for kitchen area. It  adds up the peaceful and serene atmosphere of your kitchen. Always prefer to choose a rug that is a little rough around the edges. You can also go for a rug that shows the tribal creation on it. These rustic antique rugs are versatile and if you use them in your home to decorate, it will just add an extra warm and cozy environment.

Are you in search for a persian rugs?

Your home can be enlightened with just a few pieces of home decor items and rugs. Rugs are a must if you want to bring that extra craziness. Hurry up for these ancient rugs! They come and go because of the popular demand.

Are you ready to get your hands on antique persian rugs for sale? Get a wonderful classy antique rug for your room. Show it off to people and let them talk about your rugs and their stylistic features.