Best Tips to Care about the Home Furniture

Furniture is essential in the entire residential and commercial place. It plays a dual role in providing comfort and giving aesthetic look to the place. Such, a regular and valuable item need the care at the daily and regular basis so that its existence and beauty can retain for long.

Here, are displayed some collected tips for furniture care. Let’s eye on it.

  1. It’s essential to dust the furniture on daily basis using the quality duster which can be found with any wholesale furniture manufacturers Nagpur. As, they have numbers of furniture displayed in their section, they need to keep dusting it at least twice a day.
  2.  To, clean the stubborn dirt on the furniture, mild dish soap with warm water is the best. Use limited water concentrating not to bath the furniture. Use any soft brush to get rid of the sticky and hard dirt. Use of any hard substance may results in scratches. So, choose the scrubbers carefully. Use the soft and cotton material so it’s easy to soak the water parts on the furniture and dry it completely. Paper towels are the best wipers to avoid the scratches.
  3. After cleaning, soft quality paste wax is used to retain back the original finish that can last for months. Apply the thin coat of the wax as directed in the label. Give a break of five minutes and then burnish the wooden piece with a soft brush like shoe brush or a cloth. Take a break of nearly an hour and then burnish it once again.
  4. Block the direct sun rays falling on the furniture. The high temperature easily affects the outer layer of the wood items, spoils its finishing, fades the colour, dries out the natural liquidity in the wood, and forms cracks in short duration. The windows are always the first victim to these rays. Nowadays, the windows manufacturer in Nagpur prefers their valued customers should attend the best quality wood and the good brand polish for the windows of their living space. Keep the wooden pieces at a distance from the direct heating units or vents. Humidifier in the drier months is good solution to maintain the temperature of the space.
  5. When it’s turned for polishing metal hardware, better put off the furniture out of its original place. But, don’t mistake to empty the entire place at once. Carry the work part by part. Use of quality metal polish is most essential, or otherwise your antique and costlier wooden pieces will lose its values. Take enough time to burnish the items. Rushing your actions may not achieve the desired results.
  6. Remember, you need to polish the wooden items, but not feed the wood inside. So, even after reading the instruction, use your senses to limit the quantity of oils, or polish on the wood pieces. The wood is already sealed by its protective layer, so there’s no chance to absorb the extra polish, or oil by the wood.
  7. The ring marks or spots are marked, especially due to coffee, or tea mugs, and often when utensils with hot food in it are placed directly on the furniture. There are several ways to remove it. Use non-gel toothpaste alone, or with baking soda. Mix it and rub it on the affected part with a cloth. Wipe it out with a damp cloth.
  8.  The other useful way is to put a soft cloth or towel on the place and iron it with extreme care for 15-20 seconds. Don’t stick the iron at any place. You need to keep the iron moving at medium setting.
  9. Often, it’s observed the polishes leave a dull-build up. To remove such stain uses a mixture of ½ cup water and ½ cup vinegar. Moisten a soft cloth in the mixture and wrung it before using. Dry immediately with a soft cloth.
  10. Caring to the utmost level, still in a house with kids, it’s observed that some furniture, especially the study table, or the dining table have deep scratching surface. It can be often seen like tunnels. To, overcome deeper scratches, wood filler or a colour filler wax stick are the best solutions. Be careful to match the wax colour with the furniture to its nearest possible point.
  11. While purchasing any new wooden piece or the antique furniture, have a deep look in the inner side of the item. Sometimes, the outer beauty of the wooden piece looks attractive, but the inner finishing and quality of the item is not up to mark.


To take care of your furniture is essential, but don’t let your hands on those works which are out of your reach. For, severe treatment better hire any professional.

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