6 basic steps of cleaning your house like an expert

When you talk about a home, the feeling of coziness comes to mind instantly and you feel like being in a safe haven from all the cruelties of this world. Homes can be different in sizes, structure, height, placement, and designs but the word has the same meaning for all of us. There are a variety of people with different personalities and we all treat the houses differently. Some of us are neatness freaks and a little cookie crumbs on the floor may upset the homeowner. In the case of a carefree person, the house will look like a fiasco of garbage and scattered things. If you want to learn working like some professional home and roof cleaning company, you need to follow some tips suggested here:

1.      Use the appropriate dusting tools for every area

Dusting is the base of all cleaning processes because you have to take the dirt off everything on the tables, the furniture, decorations, walls, curtains, and all surfaces in order to proceed. Imagine scrubbing all the floors and then realizing that if you dust everything now, the floor will become dirty again. Do not fall in this loop and go for dusting first. You will need a variety of dusters such as soft and flexible feather like duster for tiny spaces and intricate woodwork. Every surface has to be cleaned by a specific dusting tool.

2.      Organize the rooms with a focus

It feels quite tempting to get a roof power washing service for the house or a hired person just to organize all the stuff, but some of u like to do it themselves. The perks of arranging things yourself is that in the time of need, it is easier to find. After dusting, continue the process with a focused organizing spree.

3.      Glass doors and windows need immaculate cleaning

An amazing method to clean the windows is to reach out for a residential pressure washing company. The person who loves cleaning and soapy water will enjoy doing the task on his or her own.  You will need some cloth, sponges, and wipers for the job.  You can also use some home-based solutions that are great for the window glass panes.

4.      Brush and broom floors

Instead of going for expensive commercial power washing services for your building, keep using the brooms and brushes on a regular basis. Before applying any wet cleaning tool on the floor, use soft bristled brushes to sweep away the dust. If you skip this step and g to mopping right away, the surfaces will turn into an unpleasant mud-like state. Using good quality brushes to clean the dusty floors regularly makes the mopping a very satisfying task. Mopping on a dust-free surface has an amazing therapeutic effect for the people in love with cleaning.

5.      Clean the kitchen surfaces and cabinets

Keeping the kitchen clean is the most significant component of a clean house. There are so many surfaces in a kitchen which you might find difficult to clean but do not panic and use convenient tools to perform the job.

6.      Mopping the floor and drying immediately

If you cannot afford to have commercial power washing services for your house, then try to use vinegar and baking soda to clean out that stubborn dirt and stains. These stains usually form if we do not dry the floors immediately after using a mop. Remaining wet for a long time may damage the glossy surface and also result in footmarks when people walk over that wet floor. A floor that has some amount of moisture may become slippery and cause people to fall and get injured.

Cleaning the bathroom fixtures and ceramic accessories is not less important because the pale and black grouted tiles in a bathroom can shatter the whole cleanliness image you are portraying in other areas of the house.

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