3 Major Signs of the Right RTA Style Kitchen Cabinets for Your Home

Modern, sturdy, and functional kitchens should always have easy to use and spacious storage solutions. You must understand that even though homeowners are different and their priorities are also varying from each other but the only thing that is constant about their expectations from the kitchen is that it should be spacious and help you store all the kitchen essentials effectively. So, one should always focus on the choice of the kitchen cabinetry when they are trying to plan the design and layout of the kitchen. It should not only maximize functionality but at the same time also look exquisite and complement your contemporary home. After all, a well-adorned kitchen adds more appeal to the house and translates into greater returns when you plan to sell the house or put it on rent later.

There are several styles of cabinetry which have dominated the kitchen over the course of time. Some have stayed on while some others have become outdated. But every other day, you will find a new cabinet being launched every day. One of the most common yet popular cabinetry options that are becoming a rage nowadays is the RTA cabinets. Easy to assemble, user-friendly, and most importantly, highly affordable, this is the most preferred solution for many users. If you are interested in purchasing these cabinets, you need to take note of certain characteristic signs that will an RTA cabinet to be the right one for your kitchen.

Here, we have put together a few of them. Take a look.

·  Lookout for Plywood

The cabinetry boxes must be made of plywood or the particleboard. The sturdiest of cabinets will have complete plywood sides and back to ensure these remain square at the time of delivery or installation, resist any kind of moisture damage, as well as be able to deal with the weight of the hefty countertops. But particleboard is a cheaper option and therefore, you should make sure that your cabinets have a plywood construction.

·  Check the Back Panel Height

Your cabinets run the risk of disintegrating under the continuous weight of the bowls, glasses, and plates etc. You might come home and witness a shattered and scattered kitchen with the boxes ripped off from the metal hang rails, ceramic shards everywhere and so on. So, you will need to check the back panels and make sure that the cabinets are not falling. The back construction of the cabinetry will determine the strength and ensure an easy installation. So, make sure the cabinets are equipped with solid, full-height plywood panels directly attached to the studs of the wall.

·  The Hardwood Dovetail Drawer Box

The drawer box material and construction of the joint is essential for the cabinetry as these are the first and foremost things which can fall apart if you have a low-quality kitchen. You need a dovetail joint at the sides and enable interlocking teeth. This ensures greater durability and enhances the look of the joints as well. So, if you notice a dovetail joint, it is a sign that your drawers are going to last for a long time.

So, focus on these factors while looking for the right RTA style cabinets for your kitchen. Take these down immediately and start researching the right company which can offer you a wide variety of discount cabinets.