10 Foolproof Interior Lighting Tips To Boost Your Home’s Visual Appeal

Ever wondered what picture-worthy element hotel rooms and showrooms have that your house doesn’t? No, it’s not the expensive decor. It’s their well-curated lighting techniques.


Great lighting not only adds visual interest and personality to one’s home – but it could also enhance the functionality and set the mood. 

If you’re thinking of leveling up your home’s lighting efforts, here are 10 foolproof interior lighting tips to consider investing in. 

1.   Light in layers

Think of having three light sources: general, specific, and accent.

  •      Include general or ambient lighting. Think of an overhead or pendant light like chandeliers and ceiling fixtures, which provide light throughout the room.
  • Layer it with a specific or task lighting, which adds extra light to places where chores and activities usually get done. It can be a smart undercabinet lighting fixture in the kitchen for food preparation or a side table lamp in the bedroom.
  •  Lastly, add an accent or decorative lighting, which adds interest to the architecture of décor. Think of candles, sconces, tray ceilings or track lights for illuminating a painting.

Just make sure to stay coordinated. This is crucial in today’s open floor plans, where the lighting sources from one area to another need to coordinate well. Make sure they deliver a similar color temperature for consistency.


2.   Illuminate the dark corners

Now that we’ve mentioned task lights, the best way to incorporate them is by illuminating the dark areas of your home. Think about the often-neglected areas including closets, kitchen counters, cupboards, and shelves. They’ll be more functional and appealing when perfectly lit.


3.   Invest in a dimmer

Dimmer switches and controls provide versatility. With them, you can create a light source you can control to suit your lighting needs and mood. You can adjust the brightness and softness of the light and even create drama.


4.   Think about energy efficiency

No matter how big or small your home is, whether you live in an economic kit home, a small apartment, or a huge mansion, you can save costs when you upgrade your lighting.

Swap the bulbs in the light fixtures you use most often, like in the kitchen, entryway, and living room, for energy efficient models. LEDs, CFLs, and energy-star labeled bulbs can have a major impact on your home’s energy conservation efforts. Energy efficient bulbs cut energy use by about 70% and generate 75% less heat, which translates to lower energy costs.


5.   Maximize mirrors and reflective surfaces

It’s been said countless times, but we’ll say it again: mirrors have the power to make any space look and feel larger. They bounce light around the room. Hang mirrors – even medium-sized ones can make a difference. Aside from mirrors, incorporate other reflective surfaces like acrylic furniture and décor, glossy floors and wall paint, and metallic finishes.


6.   Use natural light wisely

Keep your windows clean to let more natural light in. This is essential if your home is situated in a way that doesn’t receive much natural light. Use the right window treatments too. If you have windows in your media room, makes sure to install a good light-controlling light to prevent glare on screens.


7.   Use candles

Do you feel like your decorative candles do nothing but gather dust in the shelf? Light them up.

Candles bring a serene vibe, romance, and warmth to the environment, and you can incorporate these aspects into your home décor. A set of candlesticks on a dining table, large scented candles on your coffee table, or a few tealights on your bathroom can set the mood for a house party, romantic dinner, or for any reason.


8.    Base lighting around the table underneath

When picking an overhead light fixture, it’s important to consider the space underneath it.

For instance, if you have a long dining room with a rectangular table, consider a linear chandelier. You can also go for a series of pendants along the table length. If you have a small table, use a single large pendant light


9.   Update old light fixtures

How old is your living room ceiling fixture, which washes the room with grimy yellow light? If it has been sitting there since the 1970s, it’s time to replace it.

Switch out the shade and/or replace the fixture – either way, will completely transform your room. You’ll also trim your utility bills when you swap these energy-hogging fixtures and bulbs with newer, more eco-friendly models.


10.       Use light fixtures as a focal point

Your oversized chandelier deserves to be a focal point your dull home requires – it can add a touch of sophistication that defines the style for a room. When done right, it can make any master suite, bathroom, and living room look more luxurious.

If you’re blessed with a high ceiling or a two-story foyer, placing a sprawling light fixture in the entryway is one elegant way to welcome guests.

Next, to chandeliers, you can also turn other fixtures, like a large lantern, a handcrafted pendant light, and a huge sculptural floor lamp into statement décor pieces.

Author Bio: Carmina Natividad is a daytime writer for PAAL Kit Homes, a renowned construction company that specializes in manufacturing and supplying top-quality steel-framed kit homes in Australia. She loves writing articles focused in real estate and interior design.

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