Why You Shouldn’t Be Afraid of Hormonal Birth Control

Birth control is a very important achievement for the entire human race. Having children is a life-changing decision, and the ability to choose when to have them allows people to live mindfully and responsibly. Each adequate adult understands the importance of planned parenting.

There are plenty of different means of birth control available. The choice is wide enough for everyone to choose the best option that will meet all their demands. For many, such an option is a means of birth control based on a hormonal action. These are oral pills, IUD, Nuvaring, shots, implants and so on. But many people don’t trust hormonal contraception and are even afraid of it. Why?


There are a lot of scary stories about women who gained weight, developed thick body hair and severe menstrual bleedings because of the hormonal imbalance caused by oral pills. Are these stories true, myths or exaggerated half-truths? Let’s find out!

What Are Women Scared of?

Here are popular myths about hormonal means of pregnancy prevention. Read this and see that with a mindful approach and supervision of your gyno, there’s nothing to be scared of.

They cause hormonal imbalance

They can harm your health but only if you choose them yourself, like any other medicine. With hormones, you should be especially careful. Only your doctor should prescribe you any hormonal medicine including oral pills, IUD or Nuvaring birth control if you don’t want health problems.

They cause weight gain, acne, and hirsutism

When talking about weight gain, each body has an individual reaction on medicine. There can be such a side effect but this weight gain is not significant. Besides, you can always talk to your doctor about changing the preparation, if you have any problems with it. Hirsutism and acne were a thing of hormonal birth control of the older generations; modern meds don’t have this side effect anymore and sometimes even help reduce your body hair growth.

They cause cancer

They don’t. On the contrary, the proper choice of hormonal birth control can help reduce the risk of cancer. How does it work? If a woman has tumors related to a hormonal imbalance, the proper choice of hormonal support helps control the disease and won’t let the tumors grow into cancer.

They cause infertility

If your plans had changed and you decided to have a child, just stop using your hormonal birth control, and your fertility will be back very soon. A month without them is enough. Moreover, some hormonal birth control can treat infertility that was induced by the initial hormonal imbalance.

Breastfeeding mothers can’t have hormonal birth control

There are some issues here. Birth control hormones negatively affect the lactation but this doesn’t make them a complete no-no for breastfeeding moms. There are special pills that contain safe doses of hormones that have no influence on breastfeeding. The IUDs, shots or implants are also safe.

As you can see, all those scary stories are either irrelevant or outdated. Remember that to make your hormonal birth control safe and effective, you should never start taking it without your doctor’s supervision. If you won’t be satisfied with some side effects of one method – you can always try another; the choice is big enough.