What is Binaural Hearing Loss? And its Benefits

We tell you about benefits of binaural hearing loss and what is the binaural hearing loss if you have hearing loss in your both ears then your are the candidate of two hearing aids, which called binaural hearing aids, and if your healthcare professional and give a best determine you that is the ultimate decision maker which we concerning a binaural instruments and that is the best person who will wear. And the important person hearing loss and that given a chance to feel the experience of binaural hearing aid and that amplification for before the decision for the one or two hearing aids made. bilateral hearing loss that should be treated binaural hearing aids.

Why only two hearing aids?

So, let me start with eyes. The together, our two eyes allow us to have the depth perception. That is allows us to see in 3D. The two eyes allow us to see, with the peripheral in vision,this is about 170 degrees of around us. You ever tried to walk, the two ears allow us to hear “stereo.” and when we listen with the two ears, that actually hear better one. And the voice we want to hear. Our ears tell us, the sound-wise, that where we are in the space. This is a spatial and the awareness is the sometimes to referred a space. The spatial awareness is the sometimes to referred to as “presence.

The ears means increased your brain power

When the sound enters in your left ear, that it is processed on the right side of your brain, and while the sound enters on your right ear it is processed on the left side on your brain. The both brain hemispheres to work together to the process and the interpret with the sounds.

The scientists have a found that when you use the both sides of brain is process the sound, you can see the noticeable of improvement in your ability to understand the speech. You are selective to listening the ability to pay attention to one voice or sound when you ignoring all others- that is also improved when the both hemispheres of your brain are involved.

The facts of studies they revealed that an individual the uses of two hearing aids, they require the less amplification that they would require if the only wearing one. That is the results for a better sound quality and reduced the risk of sound distortion.

How ear feel the direction

  • Timing variation : when the sounds comes from left, it’s travel to distance your left ear it’s is slightly shorter than a travel distance on your right ear. So, the left hears that milliseconds before the right.
  • Volume of variation : the sound gets softer that it moves the further way. The sound also gets the softer then when there objects blocking it.
  • Frequency variation : when we just covered, and the sounds comes from the left that’s your head blocks a portion  from the reaching your right ear. That you may not know, that it doesn’t a block all the frequencies of EQUALLY.

How our ear feel the distance

  • Reverbs : the “reverbs”that’s the character of far-off the sounds that exists because they almost none of the sound that reaches you directly. The instead, almost and the all of it that is reflects the multiple surfaces when before the reaching in your ears.
  • Pre delay : that is for those who aren’t “reverb nerds”, the pre-delay the time gap between the arrival of direct sound, and the first arrival of the reflected of sound.
  • Frequency response : when sound travels to reach you, much that high frequency to details the dissipates and the along way.

Advantage of binaural hearing aids

The understanding of speech: if your wearing a two hearing aids, than one of selective is more easy . That means your brain can be focus on  the conversation and want to hear.

The understanding in group and noisy situations : if  Speech  is intelligibility to  improved to difficulty of  listening the situations the you should  wearing two hearing aids.

Ability to tell the direction of sound : that is localization. And a social gathering the localization can be allows you to hear for which direction someone can speak for e.g to you.so, that you can put with binaural hearing, will better detect the sound where are coming from in every situation.

Better sound quality: when you are listen to a stereo system, that you can use the both speakers to get a smoothest, sharpest, and the most natural sound quality. When you wearing the two hearing aids, that will increase your hearing range from the 180 degrees reception with just one instrument, to 360 degrees. The range provides it’s greater and better sense of the balance and sound quality.

The quality tone is smoother: when wearing two hearing aids that requires a less volume than one. That i need for less volume in less distortion and the better reproduction of the amplified sounds.

Hearing range wider : that a person can hear a sounds from the further distance with a two ears, and rather than just  one. A voice are barely heard at the 10 feet with one ear can be the heard up to the 40 feet with the two ears.

Comfort when loud noises occur : the lower volume control the setting which required with the two hearing aids which required the one hearing aid. The better tolerance of loud sounds.

Balanced hearing: the eared of hearing results in a feeling with balanced for the reception of the sound that it’s also known as the stereo effect, that is monaural hearing which creates as an unusual feeling of the sounds that’s being in the one ear.

Best binaural headphones

  1. Sony premium noise cancelling headphones
  2. Bose soundlink headphones
  3. PWOW wired in ear headphones
  4. Sennheiser HD 600 headphones
  5. Oucomi over ear headphones

About consumer preference:  The overwhelming of the majority of the consumers who have the hearing loss in both ears, so they should choose two hearing aids over one, and given the choice of hear binaurally.