Some of the rare facts about electronic cigarettes

Even though smoking tobacco is harmful to our health, near about 40 million Americans are known for being chain cigarette smokers. We all know that smoking cigarette can lead to numerous health issues as well as organ damages in our body. In the US, one out of 5 deaths caused due to illness related to smoking. According to the studies, it has been found that 70% of the smokers want to quit and nearby 42% say that they have already tried to quit in the last one year. Near about 10 percent decrease in the cigarette sales has also been witnessed in 2009 in the US.

The emergence of e-cigarettes

It was first developed in the country of China and later on introduced in the market of the USA in the year 2007. These cigarettes are similar to regular ones, but the real difference lies inside. This is completely a tobacco-free product. E-cigarettes are vaporizers, and hence, instead of burning the tobacco, this device is mechanized to heat the liquid. The liquid further turns into a vapor that is inhaled. There are various expressions on the health advantages of electronic cigarettes over traditional cigarettes. Before you even consider starting with the habit of smoking electronic cigarette, let’s study some of the rare, important facts.


E-cigarettes are totally tobacco-free – Contain liquid nicotine

E-cigarettes are tobacco-free and smoke-free, but they are not at all nicotine free. The liquid present in this kind of cigarette is a combination of flavorings like watermelon, bubble gum, etc., nicotine, propylene glycol as well as other additives. The nicotine amount actually depends on the mixture of the specific liquid nicotine cartridge that is installed inside the device. Some of the products contain nicotine level that is comparable to the normal tobacco cigarettes, while others content nicotine level that is comparable to ultralight or light cigarettes. Cartridges are also available, which contain flavored e-liquid without any kind of nicotine presence. It is a perfect choice for smokers who want to enjoy the sensory experience without the harmful effects of a tobacco cigarette.

The lethal dose can be achieved without too much nicotine

Usually, more than 7000 chemicals are present in the cigarette smoke, and 69 among those are known for carcinogens. This liquid nicotine is not completely healthy for our body and hence, should be smoked with concerns. In comparison to the unlimited health effects of normal cigarettes, e-cigarettes are better. The delicate good time is usually extracted from the tobacco, but unlike the leaves of tobacco, the liquid nicotine can be lethal. It can only lead to harmful effects well inhaled. When regular cigarettes are smoked, it only creates health problems for the smoker but also for the passers-by. But in the case of electronic cigarettes, only the smoker can face a few health issues.

Electronic cigarettes and health benefits

There are multiple benefits of taking electronic cigarettes in comparison to normal cigarettes. If you are a chain smoker, you must be aware of health problems recently faced with continuous cigarette smoking. Now, you should start taking care of your health and stop using conventional cigarettes as well as replacing it with an electronic cigarette. Regular cigarette adds to health complication like asthma, darkening of teeth, mouth cancer, etc. But all these problems can be eliminated with the help of electronic cigarettes. This is the best alternative for those who have the habit of regular skimming.

Smokers use e-cigarettes to save cash

Smokers who have the habit of smoking more than ten cigarettes in a day need to spend more than around $1,000 every year. In some of the cases, it has been found that electronic cigarette habit is even much cheaper. The electronic cigarette devices come in multiple sizes and shapes along with an initial price. The starter kits containing electronic device batteries as well as cartridges cost around 30-100 $. It depends completely on the maximum model, manufacturer, and style. Again, the cost of the cartridges adds to the monthly addition.

In comparison to normal cigarette packs, this is much less expensive. In order to reduce these prices, customers prefer to switch on to e-cigarette habit. Bulk purchase of e-liquid for repairing the cartridges can also save a lot.

Workplaces allow electronic cigarettes

Very little regulations are imposed on cigarette devices, and manufacturers can market their products with ease. Electronic cigarettes can be used almost anywhere, including in the no- smoking zone. They are introduced as smokeless tobacco products and hence, have no risk to the heath.

Electronic cigarettes help to quit smoking

It is quite difficult to quit the smoking habit, and so electronic cigarettes can easily replace them for health benefits. Chain smokers can start using electronic cigarettes today and give up their smoking habit within just a few months.

There is no need of lighter – Just recharge and use

There is no need for you to carry the lighter everywhere or remember where you have kept it last time. Electronic cigarette devices are usually battery powered, and you need to keep them fully charged to use minimum five times. The usability and maintenance of an electronic cigarette will completely depend on the type of device you are using. Most of the e-cigs come with car charges and USB facilities. The rechargeable battery makes these cigarettes reusable. Some of them are also refillable as well. The liquid cartridges need to be regularly resupplied. You can insert a new cartridge or simply refill the empty one. You can check to purchase new e-cigs at your convenience. You can also get discounts and offers if purchased online.

If you are planning to switch on to an electronic cigarette, make sure that you first understand how the mechanism works as well as the benefits you can enjoy. Subscribe to our channel for more details about electronic cigarettes as well as the health benefits, which smokers can enjoy by switching to this kind of clean smoking habit.