Popular Misconceptions About the Causes of Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are perhaps one of the most unpleasant and even embarrassing diseases. It is mostly a disease related to poor lifestyle choices. Sedentary way of life, lack of physical activity and an unhealthy diet that causes constipation are the main risk factors for this disease. In women, it often occurs after pregnancy and labor.


Knowledge of the true causes of your disease is the key to understanding what should be improved in your lifestyle. Here are the most popular myths about the factors that cause hemorrhoids and its treatment. Maybe you’ve heard some of them and believed? If so, you shouldn’t believe them anymore.

What Doesn’t Cause Hemorrhoids


Hemorrhoids itself isn’t a cancerous disease. It doesn’t cause cancer and it can’t be caused by cancerous processes. However, the absence of this connection doesn’t make it a disease that isn’t dangerous and doesn’t require any treatment.

Sitting on a hard or cold surface

Sitting is linked to the development of hemorrhoids, but this mostly concerns the sitting position throughout the entire day. But it’s not a matter of the surface you sit on. The very position, which is still, long-lasting and doesn’t allow proper blood circulation in the pelvic organs is what’s dangerous.

Anal sex

Although if it’s rough, there is a chance to damage the veins in your anus, this becomes a problem if you already have this disease. The protruding piles are easily damaged by the interaction. This can also make them increase in size, so be careful if you have it.

How You Shouldn’t Treat Hemorrhoids

At home

You shouldn’t try to treat any disease yourself and hemorrhoids isn’t an exclusion. You are not a doctor, don’t have the proper education and can only do worse. It’s better to leave hemorrhoid treatment to a trained professional.

By surgery only

In fact, surgery is an option only if lifestyle correction and conservative treatment didn’t help. There are plenty of ways to treat hemorrhoids without surgery if the disease isn’t neglected and is diagnosed in time.

By lifestyle corrections only

It really matters but if the disease is neglected, this may not be enough. To know for sure, consult a gastroenterologist and go through all the necessary diagnostics.

The treatment is impossible at an elderly age

This isn’t true. Although the aging of tissues makes the treatment of multiple diseases more difficult, you can have significant relief if you follow the doctor’s recommendations scrupulously. Lifestyle is especially important in this case.


Now you see how many myths exist about hemorrhoids, and people believe in them. Remember that educating yourself, regular visits to the doctors and a caring attitude towards your health will help you live long and happily.


Healthy living, mindful eating, and enough physical activity can help you prevent not only hemorrhoids but many other diseases. Lifestyle is one of the most important factors that influence our health. Good genetics will not help if you do harm to yourself with poor lifestyle choices. It is always better to prevent something than to treat it so take good care of yourself.