Physical Activities Are Valuable for Kids

Kids couldn’t find time for physical activity due to occupied routine. As they are bounded by study work and technology. heart, high bp, and respiratory issues are common due to deficiency of physical activity.

Children always find entertainment in playing. But due to the occupied routine, they can’t make a schedule for this parent can register them in Kids Fitness Programs. To make kids healthy, ask them to do physical activity for 60 minutes every day. It doesn’t mean, kids should go for heavy GYM workout and difficult task, it should only involve moving activities.

Convince your kids for sitting less and moving more. According to the study, most kids don’t perform any physical activity. Inspire your kids to do physical activity for at least 1 hour so they can live healthy for a lifetime.

Sit Less and Move More:

Kids are spending more time on electronic media, nowadays. Reduction of sitting and increase movement should be a challenge for your kid. Motivate them for sports and other physical activity so they can sit less, perform a different kind of work. Mostly kids, spend time in sitting position like they do homework, reading, use gadgets in sitting position. But parents should create balance in their routine by managing physical activities. Anything can be tangled in exercise Make a routine of them at least 1 hour.

Health Profits of Physical Activity:

By making physical activity routine, they can get benefits. Physical activities can make bones strong, muscles and joints can become healthy. It can reduce the chance of cardio and lungs issues, can balance healthy weight and can make the body flexible. Physical activity can also make posture correct. Physical activity also makes a person think best and increase concentration on work.

The Intensity of Physical Activity:

For 1-year child playing on matt is enough.  For 1 to 5 years, at least involve them for 3 hours in physical activity throughout the day. But in 5 to 12 years, 60 minutes vigorous exercise is needed to stay healthy. Prefer aerobic exercise, it can give them strength. Make timing of tv watching and gadget using for kids.  It will also give healthy effects on kids.

Tips for Inspiring Physical Activity:

Select activities for your kids, which they like. There should be variability of activities, so, they don’t feel irritate and want to give up.  Manage their physical activity in certain daily works, for example, you can engage your kids in gardening and washing car. Ask them for giving a reward if they will do exercise. 


Stretching exercise is extremely good for kids as it develops flexibility. If you stretch your muscles on a regular basis then this exercise makes them stronger and more flexible. You do not need to stretch too much otherwise it would cause pain.

Balance Exercise:

Basically, these balance exercises include standing on one foot, walking heel to toe, with open or closed eyes. It also focuses on joint flexibility. But for this, you need to get proper training

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