Muesli and Fish Will Help You Reduce Your Arthritis Symptoms

Healthy and proper nutrition is one of the key factors to prevent any disease. It helps a person to stay healthy and active longer. This is also true if you already have an existing chronic disease such as arthritis.


Employees of the University of Erlangen-Nürnberg found that in the case of rheumatoid arthritis and other joint diseases, a large amount of fiber in a diet contributes to slower development of the disease. And muesli is one of the fiber-rich products that will help you. Nutrition affects a person’s condition through the microbiome. There are a lot of bacteria that live in the intestine, the total weight of which in an adult person reaches 4.4 pounds.

These bacteria break down fiber into components, which are then absorbed by the human body. The by-product of this cleavage is short-chain fatty acids, which also have an anti-inflammatory effect. Researchers proved that it is not the bacteria themselves that interact with the immune system, but their metabolites, and it is the result of this interaction that the rollback occurs and the disease retreats.

Experts focused on fermentation products such as propionate and butyrate. These fatty acids are also contained in the synovial fluid, and it is assumed that they are important for the normal functioning of the joints. A fiber-rich diet stimulates intestinal bacteria to produce more fatty acids, and scientists have shown that in this case, they also get more in the bone marrow.

Propionate slows down the processes of degradation in bones and joints. Thus, experts clarified, the diet for inflammatory diseases of the joints is extremely important since it can not only fight inflammation but also hinder the further development of these diseases.


Patients should eat fish at least twice a week to relieve pain and swelling caused by rheumatoid arthritis. This must be fish which is rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Previously it was shown that patients should take supplements containing these acids for helping their arthritis treatment – now researchers decided to check whether you cannot take vitamins, but simply increase the amount of fish in the diet.

Sara Tedeschi and her colleagues at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston recruited 176 patients to participate in the experiment. All of them suffered from rheumatoid arthritis and took anti-inflammatory drugs prescribed to them.

Scientists analyzed the food diaries of study participants, paying particular attention to the use of fish – many cooking options were considered, except for seafood and fried fish. It took into account how often patients ate fish dishes.

Approximately 20% of respondents did not eat fish at all or consumed it less than once a month, about 18% of respondents ate fish dishes twice a week or more often. Fish lovers complained less of pain and swelling than those who practically did not use it.

The authors are not ready to argue that the improvement of the state is associated with the use of fish, but they do not exclude the existence of this dependence. It is possible that fish lovers, in general, led a healthier lifestyle than those who did not eat fish – this was the reason why such patients felt better.

Scientists believe that a change in diet can actually lead to a significant improvement in the condition of patients with rheumatoid arthritis in a few months. For those who do not like fish or can not afford to eat it often, the authors recommend that, in general, to make your diet more healthy – to give up semi-finished products and take dietary supplements containing omega-3 fatty acids.