Know These Facts before Going for Laser Hair Removal in Bergen NJ

Laser hair removal is the ultimate solution to get rid of unwanted body hair without much hassle. Even though this procedure was initially suggested to those with lighter skin tone and darker hair, technological advancements ensured everyone could undergo this process. Consequently, laser hair removal in Bergen NJ has become a prominent elimination method.

Nonetheless, numerous delusions surround this procedure, and people sometimes distance themselves due to this reason. That’s why here are some pointers to free you from those misconceptions.

1.The method isn’t that complicated!

Laser – this word often sounds intimidating. But, it is not the case with hair removal procedures. Conversely, it is one of the simplest cosmetic procedures. The hair follicles pick up the laser’s radiation; this leads to the roots’ destruction. As the roots get destroyed, no further hair is produced.

2.There is not one, but three laser types for hair removal

The specialists practice no less than three major types of laser hair removal in Bergen NJ like the following:

  • Diode – This is an effective procedure for both dark and light skin. It provides excellent outcomes leaving your skin smooth and hairless.
  • Nd:YAG – It is a long-pulse laser practice with no adverse effects on any skin type. Tanned skin is also included in that list. However, it does not provide prominent outcomes for lighter or finer hair in comparison to the other two methods.
  • Alexandrite – This entails the fastest hair removal procedure and delivers outstanding results. It is also useful to treat larger body parts and works best on people with light to olive skin tones.

3.You need more than one setting

To be precise, it takes about six or eight sittings to acquire the perfect results. However, since the skin of every individual is distinct, the number of sessions varies with every patient. Specialists for laser hair removal in Bergen NJ say that laser hair treatment works the best when the hair has an active growing rate. Therefore, different body parts take different times. It all depends on the spot you want to treat.

4.Before going for the appointment, make sure you shave

If you think you are going for the laser because you don’t want to treat your skin with razor blades anymore, then take note that it’s the last time you have to do so! Shaving the area makes it susceptible to the laser ensuring the radiations can penetrate your hair roots. And, do not opt for other methods like waxing or tweezing instead of shaving.

5.It is NOT a painful procedure

Just like other cosmetic procedures such as chemical peels in Englewood NJ, laser treatment is not painful either. It is akin to a warm pinch. If you have spent your life enduring the pain of waxing strips, then this would be an easy-breezy procedure in comparison to that!

Thus, if one can afford to shell out some extra dollars, then this non-surgical treatment will give you lifelong returns. This cosmetic procedure is more than just about unwanted hair; it’s about a permanent solution to a persistent issue.

Other processes that have the same effect that enhances your skin are facial fillers, Botox, and chemical peels in Englewood NJ. These have effective outcomes minus side effects, just like laser hair treatments.