How bananas can affect diabetes

When you experience diabetes, it’s essential for you to keep the blood sugar level within the limit. Stable blood sugar level can help you in maintaining good physical health.

For this purpose, you have to cut some foods from your daily routine to maintain the blood sugar level.

You also have to quit some of these foods to make your sugar level maintain. But the banana is different for other fruits. Question is can you eat a banana if you have diabetes? Can it affect the blood sugar level?

Banana contain carbs

Banana is filled with carbs that can increase the blood sugar level. The carbs can raise your blood sugar level more than other nutrients. So it means, banana can affect your sugar level.

When a non- diabetic person eats more sugar or sucrose, their body produces insulin in an adequate amount. It also helps the body to drain the sugar out of the blood and store into the cells.

This process isn’t quite efficient in the people who have diabetes. In a diabetic patient, they can’t produce enough insulin, or their cell is resistant to the insulin that is made.

However, in banana, there is 93% of calories. These carbs are in the form of fiber, starch, and sugar.

Fibers in banana

Fibers in a banana can also reduce the blood sugar spikes. Every banana contains three grams of fiber.

Fiber is important for the people with diabetes; it can help to slow the digestion and absorption of carbs.

Green Banana

The amount of carbs in a banana usually depends on the ripeness of the banana. Unripe or green bananas contain less sugar. This means that these green bananas have the same functionality as the others, but as you know they aren’t much ripe than yellow bananas, so they won’t raise the blood sugar level.

The green bananas can also help in feeding the friendly bacteria in the gut, which are linked to improving the metabolic health and help to control blood sugar level.

Banana color and ripeness

Ripe or yellow bananas contain less resistant starch while green and unripe bananas contain more. This means fully ripe bananas can ripe your blood sugar level faster than other unripe bananas.

Does portion size matter?

Yes, carbs and ripeness isn’t the only factor which affects the blood sugar level. Portion play an important role in the calories and nutrients. The bigger the banana, the more carbs you will have.

This shows that bigger bananas will have a huge effect on the sugar level in blood as compared to a small banana.

Are banana safe for a diabetic patient?

Eating more fruits and vegetables in a balanced diet can help you to maintain the sugar level. It may also lower the risk of diabetes. They can also reduce the risk of diseases like

Cancer and other heart problems

You need to cut the artificially sweetened foods from your diet to keep yourself healthy.
If your blood sugar level doesn’t remain constant or within limits, you can use insulin to keep its control. For this, you can buy metformin online to decrease the sugar in the blood.