Discover The Soothing Cupping Therapy

Cupping therapy uses local suction on the skin to stimulate circulation to an area that needs healing or for pain management. It dates back to ancient cultures and reduces pain and inflammation, increases blood flow, and massages tissues for relaxation. Your therapist places cups on the skin and, as the air inside is contracted, a vacuum is created. This causes the skin to rise and blood vessels to expand. The cup is left in place for several minutes.

Cupping drew global attention when used by Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps to improve his physical performance.

It is useful to promote blood flow and increase circulation to muscles and tissue. It supplies oxygen to cells, loosens knots and can release excess fluids and toxins. Cupping therapy can help treat pain associated with deep scar tissue and connective tissue in the muscles, as well as muscle knots and swelling.

Let’s look at some of the specific benefits that cupping therapy has on health and different types of cupping therapy:

  • Wet Cupping: This technique is done with help of small blades or needles which are used to pierce the skin. Piercing is the first step which is done before the cups are placed on the body. This apparently removes body fluids from your body.
  • Dry Cupping: Dry cupping is another technique of cupping therapy where hollow cups or containers are placed on the body to create suction. The suction can be generated by adding a small flame inside the cup for just few seconds so that the air inside the cup can be heated before putting it off. While the heat is withdrawn in the cup and air keeps getting cooler, the skin gets pulled into the cup generating suction.

Benefits of Cupping Therapy:

Pain Relief

Whether you have neck pain or muscle spasms in your legs, cupping can alleviate discomfort. By stimulating blood flow to affected tissues, the treatment not only eases tension but increases the flow of nutrients and oxygen to help muscles heal.

Reduced Congestion

When used with essential oils, cupping can help to break up phlegm and other fluids in the lungs so people can expel them safely. Increased blood flow also will trigger the body’s immune system to speed recovery.

Cosmetic Enhancement

Cupping therapy offers many cosmetic benefits, letting you avoid invasive procedures. For example, the inverted pressure created by the suction can break up cellulite in the thighs and other problem areas. The lifting motion also relaxes connective tissues to give skin a tighter appearance and reduce the look of lines and wrinkles.

Decreased Stress

As part of traditional Chinese medicine, cupping is believed to balance the body’s natural energy. This effect paired with the tension-diminishing tissue manipulation can reduce stress and make you feel energized.

Improved Digestion

Cupping’s stress relief and muscle relaxation benefits can ease many tissues and organs in the digestive system. As a result, many people find the therapy stimulates healthy digestion and relieves stomach cramping and constipation.

Hopefully now you have enough information to try this innovative therapy out the next time you are looking for a soothing experience.

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