Beyond Brushing: 4 Ways to Take Your Family’s Dental Hygiene to the Next Level

Healthy and white teeth not only look good, but they also make you self-confident! Obtaining them is not difficult if you follow a few important principles and avoid the most common mistakes.

Almost 100 percent of all people eventually suffer from a caries disease. The basic problem: sugar and starch, in general, are broken down in the mouth by bacteria, thereby causing tooth-damaging acids.

Brushing in the right way is not sufficient, there are many points you need to take into consideration in overall dental hygiene not only for you but also for your family. And that is the reason why we present you 4 ways to take your family’s dental hygiene to the next level.

1. Avoid sugary foods and drinks:

In coffee, tea, and snacks! With every meal, acids are produced in the mouth, as a by-product of the breakdown of carbohydrates that already starts in the mouth.

This is not bad, because saliva neutralizes acids over time. This process can be accelerated by brushing your teeth or chewing gum because chewing stimulates the salivation. However, anyone who is constantly supplying sugar, be it in coffee, tea, sweets or other foods, overrides this natural protective function of the body.

The result is a constantly increased acidity level around the mouth, the development of tooth decay is inevitable in the long run. Therefore food intake should be limited to regular meals. In the meantime, only sugar-free drinks are ideal: unsweetened tea, water or just chewing gum. No coffee with sugar, no coke, no iced tea, and no juice.

If the coffee or tea needs sweetening in between, replace the sugar with other sweeteners, preferably xylitol. This type of sugar is not metabolized by the bacteria in the mouth, effectively preventing the formation of acids.

According to numerous studies, the regular intake of xylitol helps to prevent tooth decay. For this reason, toothpaste can even be made with xylitol itself. Alternatively, you can also use this recipe for homemade toothpaste powder of xylitol, soda, rose petals and healing earth.

2. Nutritional and varied diets:

A varied whole-food diet does not require an excessive amount of sugar. Fruits and vegetables, on the other hand, contain many fibers that naturally contribute to the mechanical cleaning of teeth during chewing.

On the other hand, foods with high sugar content should be avoided as often as possible. Even with no added sugar, the carbohydrate content of our food is almost always high enough.

Sweetened drinks such as soda, iced tea, energy drinks, and many fruit juices Cornflakes and their many related “breakfast cereal” candies, lollipops, and sugary chewing gum Chocolate spread as a spread.

Total renunciation is of course not necessary, but conscious use of these foods. Even chocolate, chocolate bars, gummy bears and other foods are small sugar bombs that just should not constantly explode in your mouth.

3. Nourish the mineral-rich foods:

For resistant enamel, the body needs some minerals, especially calcium. About the saliva, it is the teeth well-dosed provided that it is found in the diet sufficiently.

Important calcium suppliers are dairy products, green vegetables, and mineral water. In contrast, e.g. Sausage, meat, chocolate and alcohol, so-called calcium robbers, their metabolism consumes calcium.

Many myths are surrounding the question of whether additional fluorides are necessary and whether these compounds are harmful or beneficial.

Ultimately, everyone should decide for themselves and inform themselves comprehensively and as neutrally and seriously as possible.

4. Use flossing:

Even the best brush does not get into every crack. Therefore, use dental floss at least once a day. A special strap for clamping the silk has proven to be particularly effective because it is particularly easy to use, protects the fingers and you achieved every interdental space.

If cleaning using flossing is not always possible on the way or in the office, you can use chewing gum. Especially caregiving chewing gum is also available with xylitol.

Along with these most important tips, it is also advisable to visit a dentist near my location for the better tips on oral hygiene for your family.