Beginner Tips for New Users to Enjoy Vaping!

The moment you switch from smoking to e-cigarettes or vaping, it is natural you will be overwhelmed in the beginning. Like everything new, you need to learn the art of vaping. With practice and time, you will become perfect – so do not let your new passion for vaping die in case you find it hard to do in the beginning!

Getting started in the right direction

Most new users often ask themselves this basic question- How can I get started in the right direction? They often turn to family and friends for help. However, most people are not sure about the correct way to vape. Experts in the field provide you with some simple tips to make your vaping experience a highly satisfactory one-

Dissemble your vaping device in the night

Most users believe that dissembling their vaping device is simply a useless and tedious task. However, experts say this is essential for a good vaping experience. You should get into the habit of removing the vape tank otherwise known as atomizer especially if has been recently filled with e-liquid. This stops frequent spills and leaks. In case, the leaked or the spilled juice comes in contact with the battery or even the button of the device; it will get spoiled. The device will stop working if any liquid spills on it. New users should be careful of spills and leaks otherwise they need to buy a new device soon.

Check for signs of cracking 

When you buy vape tanks, make sure they are good and durable in quality. Most manufacturers and sellers will warn you of the signs of cracking as all vape tanks are not made in the same way. Check the types of juices you can use in stone tanks. Likewise, plastic tanks might warp or even crack. E-liquids that use menthol and cinnamon often cause vape tanks to crack. Be mindful and use them wisely with awareness. If you check starter kits for vaping available in the market, most of these vape tanks are made of plastic. New users are not aware of the different types of e-liquids they can use in plastic vape tanks and they often land up cracking them. Experts recommend if you wish to use all e-liquids in a vape tank, invest in a good vape tank made of glass.

How should you look after e-liquids?

New users of vaping should note there is more to e-liquids than just buying them. Like your vape tank, they need to be looked after and taken care as well. Experts in vaping say you should always shake the e-liquid before every use. This helps you to mix and blend the nicotine and PG/VG mixture uniformly. If you shake the e-liquid before every use, you will enjoy the better-quality vaping experience. 

Protect your e-liquid juice from sunlight. Make sure you do not keep the juice in an area open to direct sunlight. In case, you expose the e-juice to sunlight, the intensity of the nicotine will be affected a lot. This reduces the quality of the product drastically.

Last but not least, never leave your e-liquid exposed to air for a very long time. It is okay for you to open the lid of your e-juice for a short time however if you keep it open for an extended period the flavor of your e-juice will be compromised. Never leave the bottle of your e-juice open for over 30 minutes.  You should allow the e-juice to breathe however do not allow it to breathe in the air for an extended period of time.

The Vape Tank

The vape tank is known by many names like RDA, RBA, atomizer, and vape tank. It holds the juice and if you are new to vaping, buy bottom fill vape tank styles for your use. It is simple for you to use. You just need to buy coils frequently for your tank. These coils can be found with any retailer who sells vape accessories and juice. You may find some users dripping juice on to cotton however this generally does not work well with the new user starter pen kits you find in the market. They are intended for models that are advanced and need coils for you to vape from. When you are a new user, always ask experts in the field for tips on how to vape correctly. It can be harmful if you are not aware of what you are doing. You should ask local stores to give you a demonstration on how to vape correctly so that you face no danger. Coil building should be done with care and so make sure you get a good demonstration

Batteries and their care

If you are a new user, you should pay attention to the batteries of the vaping kit you use. Every starter kit will give you batteries that have a color code to provide you with an insight into its life. Check the battery and its color code from time to time. Do not allow it to become completely dead. When the battery is about to die, connect the charger immediately. Some starter kits have a battery known as ego threading. Here, the charger generally screws on to the battery. You do not have to make the screw very tight as this can damage the battery or the charger. When you see that the battery is completely charged, you just need to remove it from the charger. You might feel that it is a good idea for you to keep the battery on till it is ready for use however the above can affect the battery life negatively.

Last but not least, if you are using advanced models, make sure you know how to use them correctly. Be careful with the batteries and ensure you do not exert them too much. Do not be afraid to experiment with different e-juices and for any confusion with vaping, always consult experts in the field or ask local storekeepers to help you.