Beet Juice Can Help People Live More Active Lives

Beet juice has been studied extensively as a way to help improve stamina and improve the physical performance of athletes. This has prompted professionals in a number of sport fields to take a closer look at beet juice as a natural way to raise the level of their game.

In light of this, it stands to reason that if beet juice can help athletes perform during high-demand activities, then might it not help people take part in less strenuous forms of exercise? Unfortunately, not as much information is available regarding the positive benefits of beet juice for regular, non-athletic people.

Until now, that is. New data studying the effects of beet juice has found that it might be a way to help improve the lives of a much wider range of people, including the elderly as well those suffering from heart or lung conditions.Beet juice is extra ordinary health drinks , its increase metabolism ,help to reduce obesity & highly enrich in Vitamin & protein. Beet Juice must be in your daily diet !!

The findings, published in the Journal of Applied Physiology, revealed that after consuming beet juice, subjects required less effort to perform certain forms of low-intensity exercises because they actually used less oxygen during their activities. In some instances, the effort it took to walk was decreased by as much as 12%.

This is relevant for a particular segment of the population, including seniors and people with heart or lung conditions. This is because their physiological state makes the obtaining of oxygen less efficient, thereby decreasing the number of exercise options as well as the amount of time that they can spend doing them. Since beet juice seems to lower the amount of oxygen that is required to be active, it could theoretically help these individuals be more active and take part in low-intensity exercises.

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The healthful benefits of beet juice stem from the fact that it is high in nitrate, which is believed to be the key compound that helps improve physical performance. When consumed, beet juice dilates blood vessels, allowing blood to flow more freely and reducing blood pressure. It also affects the muscles, lowering the amount of oxygen needed for them to function. When taken together, these two benefits increase a person’s ability to physically perform, regardless of the level of intensity.

Beets have also been found to increase the number of CD8 cells in the colon, which are cancer-destroying cells. Colon cancer is the third most diagnosed type of cancer in the U.S. and the third leading type of cancer related death. Sounds like quite a few people could benefit from drinking some more beet juice.

Currently, most of the research on the healthful qualities of beet juice has focused on younger people, but experts conclude that the same benefits should apply to people of all ages. The authors of the study indicate that this is a future direction of their research.

Before consuming large quantities of beet juice, speak with your doctor or a nutritional expert.