8 Myths About Health Which May Surprise You

Milk strengthens our bones and coffee reduces their growth. Consumption of carrots improves our vision to such a degree that we will be able to see at night. Organic products are more nutritious and don’t contain pesticides. A lot of chocolate will provoke acne. Do you think these things are true? Well, you’d be wrong if you did.

Milk Strengthens Our Bones

A lot of people think that every adult needs to drink three glasses of milk every day to get vitamin D and calcium. But numerous studies show that there is no relation between the consumption of large amounts of milk and fewer bone fractures.

Organic Products Don’t Contain Pesticides

That’s not true. Organic food is not free from pesticides. An absence of pesticides is not always good for our planet. Farmers who grow organic products are allowed to use some chemical substances made in a maximally organic way, which affects the environment more than their synthetic versions. In addition, scientists found that the level of pesticides thus in organic as in not organic products is low enough not to negatively affect our health.

When Food Will Falls on the Floor, It Won’t Be Exposed to Contamination for Five Seconds

Unfortunately, the five-second rule is a myth. Bacterias contaminate food in five milliseconds. Wet products are more attractive to bacterias than dry products. But in any case, any food that fell on the floor is already dirty.

Honey Is Better Than Refined Sugar

Granola bars with honey or fructose is not better for you than the regular sweet bar. The amount of sugar in natural products, like fruits and honey, and in synthetic products, like candies, is the same. The only problem is that candies and other products with refined sugar contain more sugar and therefore calories per portion.

Chocolate Causes Acne

No! Chocolate has no effect on the appearance of acne. But it has been proven on several occasions, that cocoa is a significant source of antioxidants, which improve our general health. To increase health, scientists recommend eating dark chocolate instead of white or milk chocolate.

Coffee Reduces Growth

Scientists didn’t indicate any connection between the consumption of caffeine and bone growth in children. But frequent consumption of caffeine among adults may slightly worsen calcium absorption. However, coffee consumption is a debated topic since many studies have shown benefits to drinking coffee.

Consumption of Carrot in Large Quantities May Cause “Night Vision”

Vitamin A is a rich nutrient, which is contained in carrots. And it’s really good for eye health especially for people with bad eyesight. But even if you will eat 1 ton of carrots, you still won’t see at night.

Pregnancy Makes Women Dumber

In this case, researches show both results. Some tests detect cognitive changes during pregnancy, while other tests don’t detect any negative effects. On the other hand, there is a  lot of research showing that pregnancy makes women more organized and composed. An expectant mother has to worry not only about herself but about her future child as well.