6 Tips To Live Longer Happier Healthy Life

We all need to have the aspiration to live a longer and healthier life. It can be something quagmire to sort between myth and fact as sometimes we can get so many mixed-up messages about proper management of our health and well-being.

Men and women usually live 33 and 34 years longer that the respective male and female counterparts in the early 19th century, this indicates that we must have been doing something that is right over the last century. We can expect to love more than 80 years if we treat ourselves right today under the vicinity of our home comfort as we spend time sitting under the installed air conditioning Sydney.

To boost your chances to reach some golden twilight years, the following are some healthy lifestyle changes that we can take up to.

1. The adoption of a healthier diet

A healthy diet is one of the most cited ways for boosting the chances of living a bit longer and this is hardly a surprise here.

When you eat something healthy it improves the expectancy of our life in several different ways. This, in turn, reduces our chances to have weight-related health, blood pressure and issues with cholesterol as it helps us to maintain a healthy weight.

You need to have an intake of a balanced diet that is rich in veggies and whole-grain foods. The most important parts of our diet are meat, fish, fruit and dairy products. However, they should well be reduced to a smaller treat every now and those with the highly processed convenience foods that we love to munch on.

2. You need to be active 30 minutes a day

Your mortality risk is raised by 72% when you have prolonged inactivity. Thirty minutes of physical activity a day is all it takes for the improvement of your health and lifestyle according to some researches.

There is no rigorous kind of workout involved here. You can simply spend your 30 minutes playing with your children, walking or dog, cycling or swimming.

30 minutes of daily physical activity can lead to a longer, healthier life though it might not sound to be enough. The following are the health risks that you can simply face here:

·  Heart disease

·  A stroke

·  Some Cancers

·  High blood pressure

·  Diabetes

With the boost of your energy, muscle strength and balance, with the improvement of your sleep, it is bound that you need to improve the quality of your living now.

Do not have sufficient time? You need to develop the habit of heading out of the office on your lunch break and taking a stroll on the workout in the gardens. So, you need to walk to work or the station as you leave your car at home.

3. You need to quit smoking now

The major cause of illness and the early death toll in Australia is smoking.

The following are the diseases that it can cause:

·  Lung and mouth cancer

·  Emphysema

·  Heart disease

·  Stroke

You need to remind yourself that smoking might be considered a health risk during the assessment of life insurance policy if you need to have an added incentive. The mortality rate of smokers is boosted by 94%. If you are a smoker, therefore, you might end up paying more on the premiums. There are several other circumstances that can play a part in your calculation of rates.

4. You need to laugh out more

With improved health benefits, there are some international researches that suggest spontaneous laughter. They might be boosting your immune system, lower blood pressure with reduced stress and depression with the help of hearty guffaw.

So promising are the initial study results, that there are calls to incorporate laughter into treatment programs for heart health. We certainly don’t object to that.

There are even calls for incorporating laughter into treating the programs for heart health with promising initial study results. And here we have no room for objection.

5. Reducing your alcohol intake

It is not a good idea for your health and this is something that we have known over a longer period of time. You might face an increased risk of several diseases or even early deaths when there is a lot greater intake of alcohol. Often times, after a stressful day you might feel the splurge of alcohol intake while you relax under ducted air conditioning Sydney. The following are the diseases that are caused due to excessive intake of alcohol:

·  Liver disease

·  Malnutrition

·  Suicide or suicidal behavior

·  High blood pressure

·  Stroke

·  Cancers

·  Cardiovascular disease

·  Diabetes

·  Heart damage

6. Be protective under the sun

You need to put on a hat as you venture outside and It does not take much of a layer. This is something that might save your life.

The mere cause of 10% of all new cancer cases as diagnosed annually each year that some 1600 deaths in Australia are due to melanoma skin cancer. Yet in this country, this is one of the most preventable forms of cancer.