6 Benefits of Sleep Dentistry

Does the thought of having dental surgery make you feel nervous and fearful?  Don’t worry! Sleep dentistry can help with this phobia.

The painful memories of earlier dental treatments prevent many people from visiting a dentist again. Sleep dentistry or Sedation dentistry is an effective technique that helps the patients to get their dental treatment done without any pain or anxiety.  It involves the use of Nitrous oxide or sedative pills that acts on the brain to make it less conscious or completely unconscious.

It makes you feel relaxed and blocks out any painful memory of the treatment. Besides, it is time comfortable, time-saving, and gives a better dental experience.

Here are the top 6 benefits of sleep dentistry:

Painless treatment

What makes sleep dentistry so popular these days is that it is a pain-free procedure. It involves four levels of sedation-

·  Minimal: You will feel relaxed but still awake.

·  Moderate: You are awake but less aware. It is also known as ‘conscious sedation’.

·  Deep sedation: You will feel drowsy.

·  General Anesthesia: You will feel be completely unconscious.

If you undergo moderate to deep sedation, you will feel very little or no pain. It also improves post-treatment muscular stiffness.

The dentist can work faster

When you are sedated, you are not going to complain or move around. So, your dentist doesn’t have to worry about your reaction or slow down the procedure. It means that you will spend less time in the dentist’s chair and get better results.

Sedatives also allow the dentist to perform multiple procedures during one visit. You get the necessary treatment in a few visits. Patients who need extensive care benefit from this.

Helpful for patients with sensitive gag reflexes

Gagging involves physiological and psychological responses like, an urge to choke and sputter repeatedly. Sedatives such as Nitrous oxide or pills, address these issues, and provide comfort during treatments such as X-rays, fillings, scaling, etc.

Those who can’t cope with antiseptic odors, drill noise, or bright lights also benefit from sedation. It is also helpful for patients having stress disorders.

You forget fear and anxiety

Even if you are not scared of the dentist, the thought of having your teeth and gums injected may frighten you. Sedation dentistry can help you.

The amnesic state of sedation involves oral sedatives in which the patient dozes throughout the treatment, and wakes up only after the treatment is over. Therefore, it is of great benefit to those having fearful dental experiences in the past.

However, it doesn’t mean that you will be put to sleep. Sometimes, the dentist needs to ask some questions. So, you will still be able to answer him. You’ll just be made more comfortable and relaxed.

It is hard to convince children and hypersensitive people to go to the dentist. The reason is their previous visit may be full of discomfort. Sedation dentistry increases the patient co-operation, which is a benefit to both the dentist and the patient. As a result, a dentist can perform the procedures in a better way.

You can sit still for long procedures

Some treatments like fillings, multiple crowns involve 30 to 45 minutes each. An average root canal therapy takes about 90 minutes.

Even if you are a calm person, you may start feeling restless while sitting in the chair for long with your mouth open. Sedation reduces your consciousness, and you will be able to sit still for long.

Sleep dentistry also helps if you are having cosmetic work like whitening, bonding, scaling, etc. at the same time.

Better treatment at affordable cost

Since the treatment occurs faster, there are few chances that a dentist puts further treatment on stay. So, you get better results in lesser appointments.

Moreover, sleep dentistry is affordable. Depending upon the type of sedation, it can cost from a few hundred dollars to thousands.


If you are afraid of painful dental treatments, you don’t need to put off your appointments with the dentist. Sleep dentistry provides a painless, comfortable, safe, and anxiety-free procedure.

We hope that after reading these benefits, you are ready for your next stress-free visit to the dentist. You will save your time and money and have healthy teeth.