4 Smart Hacks to Save Money of Prescription Drugs

If you are one among the many Americans who are concerned about the price of the prescription drugs going up and up, there are some really smart hack one can think of to save a fair sum. However, before trying these hacks always try to get your insurer to talk with your doctor if the company doesn’t pay for something the doctor recommends.

Insurers claim that their rules to avoid paying for some medications are meant to avoid any ineffective care. However, doctors are adamant on their discretion to decide medications. As a result, you may be confused in between the doctor’s prescription to take medication A whereas the insurance wants to you take medication B. So, be persistent on getting your doctor and insurer talk to get things sorted out. Now, let’s review the hacks.

1. Check if the cost of a drug is lower than the insured price

Surprisingly, this may happen quite often. You have to check it with the pharmacy as to what the medication will cost you and the insurance? If you are facing a copay or paying for it fully out of your pocket, it is better to discuss it with the pharmacy who will be able to offer some better deals if available.

2. Get maximum out of your insurance

You pay the premium for health insurance, so try to get maximum benefits out of it. All insurance providers may have published a list of medications which they cover and not, which is known as ‘formulary.’ As Pharma Quotes suggests, you can also simply ask the insurance company about the medications you take. If the prescribed drug is not covered, you may find a similar medication which your plan may pay for. You can also think of getting a higher dose of medicine which is covered and split it in half to meet your prescription dosage but strictly under the guidance of the physician.

3. Look for help

Most of the times, the doctors may not know the actual cost of the medicines they prescribe. On asking for suggestions, they may give you options to look for alternative cheaper medicines. You can check with your pharmacist also to see if there are any discount cards of special programs. There are many pharmacy chains which even offer medicines at a cost as low as $4 for a month’s supply, which otherwise costs $50 or more. Pharmacists also may help you by guiding to the promotional program of pharmaceutical companies.

4. Do comparison shopping

The unit price of medication may vary largely from one place to another. So, it may offer you a significant cost advantage if you shop around before making the purchase. There are many online websites and mobile apps for checking drug prices, which help the users compared and clarify the pricing of medications at different pharmacies. It will help you find the best pharmacy offering medications at most affordable pricing. However, if you are buying for an online pharmacy, then ensure that the source pharmacy is licensed and legitimate.

There are plenty of resources online, which can help you by guiding towards the best possible avenues for buying prescribed medicines at affordable cost.

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