14 best fitness tips and Strategies for maintaining body that  Every Lifter Should Know

Many people are becoming fatter and gaining useless mass and they are seeking for some fitness tips for maintaining their body.

Some tips is given below which helps you to build strength, gain muscle mass, lose fat and maintain healthy eating habits.

1) Eat healthy food

Healthy food is main source to decrease the fat and for maintaining health. Consume more amount of nutritional food like green leafy vegetables, fruits and meats, etc.

Maintain a balanced diet which include proteins, carbohydrates and healthy fats likefish oils and flax-seeds.

Food is like a fuel for body to reach the goals and without proper nutrition through quality foods.

If you ask from any trainer than he say that healthy diet is a backbone for maintaining body.

2) prepare meal in advance

Preparing meals ahead gives you the best chance to do your nutrition goals. Micah LaCerte is a personal trainer and fitness competition world champion. He says that people wont feel pressured to eat unhealthy foods or skip meals.

3) Eat clean food

Eating only three meals not a great idea. Many people are saying that their weight is not losing because they don’t intake enough food.

Mike Duffy said that consume more amount of food and he also advises his clients to eat five times a day. He is a personal trainer in veteran and he advises to eat less as the day goes on.

He says that eat in every three hours to stimulate metabolism including two mini-meals between three basic meals.

4) Control your sizes of meal

Give importance to your portions because it is extremely important for your body. Jay Cardiello said that consume chicken breasts and meats which are no larger than your palm and intake pastas which are no larger than your fists.

He is a personal trainer to countless celebrities and professional athletes. He also says to use smaller bowls, plates and cups because people serve themselves 30 to 40% more food when they are using larger plates.

Control your portion size because if a person consume more amount of food than he may suffer from types of disease like diabetes, sugar, cancer and gains weight.

5. Eat with purpose

Consume food which have real nutritional value and not eat consume junk foods. Dan Trink said that a person want the most nutritional bang for his or her buck.

He is an C.S.C.S strength coach and trainer. He also said that Everything you eat should have some amount of nutritional for your body purpose and be geared toward optimizing your body.

6. Understand the basics of building muscle

Talk to any personal trainer who situated near to your locality and they tell you some basic of muscle-building.

First Complete protein intake and increase your caloric and so your body has enough building blocks to get bigger.

Then enter in the gym and focus on your form. Train with weights on average around four times in a week and Perform compound movements.

Do not forget to rest because muscle tissue grows outside of the gym when you are giving relax to your body and recover following your workouts. Never underestimate the importance of rest.

7. Work your full range of motion

Don’t take any shortcut for becoming body builder or for slim. Lee Boyce C.P.T. Said that aim for the largest range of motion you can do in your exercises.

He said that muscles of human being will do more work per rep and it will result in breaking down more tissue of human body by the end of the workout.

8. Don’t t go too heavy

Duffy said that use a weight that will have you failing on the set between 20 to 40 second mark. Time under tension causes muscle to grow and If you are failing at 20 seconds you know that weight was too heavy.

9. Carefully consider cardio

If your goal is huge than start cardio workouts. Doing cardio workout helps in to lose the weight and help to away from disease like diabetes, sugar and cancer.

LaCerte said that you will be burning many calories for doing cardio workout. He says that a light jog for a few days per week for 20 minutes is adequate.

It also helps to burn the fat, if you want to burn fat then focus on getting enough protein every day usually one gram of protein per pound of ideal body weight.

10. Choose supplements intelligently

Some lifters and trainers are feels that supplements is a key for boosting muscle gains. Trink said that take the most effective strength and size building supplement.

11. Prepare yourself for endurance training

You all need to hydrated and be sure that you are eating properly, When it comes to training for endurance.

It is very nature and this form of training is very demanding on your body. You should do a good mix of cardio and weight training.

To increase your aerobic capacity you have need to do high intensity interval training. You are likely be sweating buckets and burning calories galore so be ready.

12. Heart rate monitor

If you have a heart rate monitor or fitness tracker than this is a good time to start using it. Heart monitor or fitness tracker can help you to get a sense of exactly how hard your heart is working.

If you do not have heart monitor than you may want to either go out and buy one or learn how to do it yourself.

Duffy said that Don’t do just exercise for a set amount of time and call it quits.

13. Exhaust for endurance

You need to put your total effort in your endurance training. Boyce said that You are going for muscle exhaustion, so remember to fully exhaust the muscles.

He says that you are good in the body weight staples like pullups, chinups, pushups, inverted rows and squats.

14. Learn how to fight fatigue

During endurance training Fatigue is your biggest enemy but there are some ways to combat it. Drink beet juice because it has more amount of healthy nitrates that can improve cardiovascular functioning.

Boyce said that Beets can increase stamina up to 16% and it helps muscles to produce more energy, more efficiently and making exercise less exhausting.

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