Top 5 Bad Event Planning Habits and Ways to Avoid Them

Event Planning Disasters and Ways to Stay Away From Them

Each and every events needs attention to detail, from organising and preparing the guests list to seeing if things are working in sequence or not. It is the duty of the event planners too see how the functions are running and what issues are coming up before and during the event. Vision 2021 is a social initiative by Rachna Sharma, an alumni of Harvard Business School. It provides framework, design, forum and resources to aid in human conscious evolution. The founder, Rachna Sharma wants to incorporate values of love and humility in today’s youth through education. They have collaborated with a few events as well. Either an event is excellent or it turns out to be a disaster, there is barely any middle ground.


Take Shortcuts while Organizing an EventEvery event planner need not start planning from the scratch, it is not necessary to do so. Each event manager has a few templates, colour schemes and themes to choose from. They use their own network to contact and approach people to help them make their event successful.


A last minute planning from the scratch too screws up the events big time, one should always avoid it in order to save itself from making the event disastrous. Handle the event with utmost care and very carefully while planning it through your own network of people and ensure that you deliver the best and take full responsibility for the same.


Ensure That the Venue has Proper Wifi In case of a corporate event or a meeting, it is the responsibility of the event planner to ensure that the venue has a good wifi with a decent speed. Do not leave it to the venue to provide you wifi at the last minute. It will not be the venue’s fault but a disaster on behalf of the event planner. They have to talk to the venue manager about the same to avoid any end moment confusion.


Do Not Check in People with a Print out of Guest ListWith the coming of technology advancement, one need not waste so much paper to check in or tick the guest list. We can easily tick on our list in the laptops. We don’t really have to take print-out of the list of people attending the event. Keeping the list ready before-hand in a particular order helps reduce the work and helps in ensuring smooth functioning of the event.


Constantly Spamming Event Attendees with EmailsEmailing the event attendees for every small thing and then spamming their emails for constant feedback and evaluation of the event is a major put off. An event planner can’t really pressurise or force people into filling a feedback form or even call them for the same. Even if the attendees like the event, they will end up not liking it due to the continuous communication.


Stop Carrying a Bundle of PapersIn an advanced world of technology, people prefer to carry their tablets and laptops to the meeting to discuss work and planning. With the coming of so many applications on phone, we can simply schedule the date and time of the event and jot down important points as well. It is not necessary that you carry a bundle of paper everywhere. You can carry a notepad and pen to write minutes but not bundles of paper with you.


Vision 2021 by Rachna Sharma is not very planned and may seem fake to people attending their events. It is the best not to attend events that lack planning and repeats mistakes.  It is a major put off for people attending events that are unplanned and unorganised.