Is it not a hard task to search for the PIN- CODES especially in a country like India?

Is internet helpful in finding the PIN CODES for Indian towns or states?

What exactly a pin code means?

Find all your answers in the information given below:

1. Principally, PIN refers to “Postal Index Number”.

2. This is a kind of algebraic inscription owed to almost all the post offices.

3. These numbers are frequently used by Indian postal system.

4. These numbers help in identifying or matching an accurate locality or an area where delivery is to be made.


PIN CODE system was first introduced by Shri ram bhikaji vlenker on the 15th of August 1972, who was a secretary in the ministry of communication.

5. This system was first established in order to make simpler or reduce the labour-intensive techniques or simplify the deliverance of e-mails by cutting out the chaos of mixing wrong addresses, similar destination names or the various languages people use in our country.

6. For a proper systemised supervision or administration, the government of India formulated 9 PIN ZONES. It additionally has eight provincial zones as well as one purposeful (functional) zone specially dedicated to the Indian armed forces.

7. PIN CODE specifically consists of six digits.

  • The very First number bespeaks about the name of the region.
  • The second numerical connotes sub-region.
  • The third one connotes to the categorization of districts inside the regions.
  • The last three numerical indicates the separate post offices.
  • Out of last 3 digits, two digits stand for the deliverance office inside the cataloging district initiating basically from (01).

It can be General Post Office; can be Head Office or Sub Office.

The “POSTAL INDEX NUMBER” indicates a specific geographical district. Its headquarters are located in the largest city sorted by districts. This office is known by the name of the sorting office.

Basically, O is one such number which connotes office located in the main/central area.

The PIN CODES list according to states is available on the internet.

The very fourth number indicates the way in which a delivery organization is positioned in the cataloging district.

Nowadays it has become easier to find out a post office nearby your place of living.

There are network portals available everywhere now you can look through or explore pin codes/ secret codes of any state or town of India. This procedure is extremely uncomplicated, one can search according to their setting, address or pin code.

One will eventually receive an enormous Directory of PIN CODES of “India” where one can easily punch the drop down push button as well as a record of states or UT’s. After that one will be asked to pick the city, followed by area/district. Once you snap the search button, all the data of the post office, as well as Pin Codes, will show up.

Denotes an explicit geographical area. It is basically used to remit letters for deliverance to the correct address.

Else every other information related to PIN CODES is available on the internet.

To illustrate the details further with an example:

We took 140603 as an example, This six-digit number is the pin code of “ZIRAKPUR” district is MOHALI and the state it belongs to is PUNJAB and it goes like this

Post Office would be ZIRAKPUR
Post Office category is SUB OFFICE
District is  MOHALI
State is PUNJAB
Pin Code (six-digit code) is 140603 
Contact Address will be Post Office of ZIRAKPUR (i.e.SUB OFFICE), MOHALI, PUNJAB, India
Postal Taluka is RAJPURA
Postal Division would be CHANDIGARH(UT)
Postal Region will be CHANDIGARH HQ
Postal Circle is PUNJAB

This new system for recognizing pin codes will ultimately help you to find an exacting pin code or the area. Now, one can easily locate the pin code of some particular location or seek out for the address of any place especially in India using the pin code engine.

India, as we all know, is a promising financial authority. The monetary accomplishment chronicle of this country began during the early 1990’s with the freedom of its financial system.

This land is known to be a ground of maharajas, snake charmers or elephants earlier but now  India is treated as one of the biggest world powers and one of the main reasons being the developing economy.