Five tips to improve your Ph.D. Draft

Preparing a Ph.D. thesis is one of the great things in itself. But make it perfect can become a daunting task for you. From the selection of the topic to make a rough draft for the same involves many steps from the students. And he or she needs to be perfect at every stage but requires close monitoring from their supervisor. The Ph.D. formulates by the students requires the supervisor to have a look and to suggest them with the required improvements. Let’s have a quick look at the various tips to be suggested to the students to improve their Ph. D. draft

     Do check your draft for the plagiarism as it is a serious concern for everyone especially the authorities. In some of the countries, the plagiarism is considered as a crime and the students if caught with the same can be asked to serve severe circumstances too. So, remember to check your thesis with the tool provided by your college or you can search for the same online too. If you’re quoting or making any reference to the previous works try to paraphrase it as much as you can.

     Before writing your Ph.D., you must have made a structure and got it approved by your supervisor while preparing your draft and moving ahead with the final one you need to know that if you are going in the right direction. The best suggestion here is to stick to the structure you want to remind yourself about the starting and check your Ph.D. for the perfect alignment.

     Once you have written your first draft than leave it for some time after a few days check it for the style and since you want to perceive through, reading fresh will allow you to identify many errors which you have avoided while writing. The mistakes like dangling modifiers, inconsistency and subject-verb agreement are few of them which requires you to pay attention to frame correct sentences. For the same, you can also avail the professional proofreading services.

     References play a very important in academic writing. Every institute has its preferred style for references. Research on them and learn how to intext and create a reference list. Do check the reference that you have cited in your Ph.D. should be taken from the bibliography. The references should be cross-checked from bibliography before your submission. There are many software like Paperpile, Endnote, etc. to help you out with the bibliography and check the format and presence of correct reference at the right place.

     Your Ph.D. represents you so always look for the opening paragraphs to create engaging and informative content for the readers. The content should be relevant and exciting for the readers to read through the full Ph.D. The Ph.D. proofreading is very important as the chances are very high that you need to improve on many ends.

These are the five tips that can help you in proofreading your documents at the fullest and will allow you to come forward with the best draft of your report for your supervisor to guide you and help you when required.


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