Trending Cake Ideas for Your Baby Shower

Pregnancy is the best phase of a woman’s life in which she is going to deliver her baby whom she is carrying in her womb for nine months. During pregnancy, she has to face various ups and downs. Starting from the first trimester to the last trimester, the feelings are different.

The third trimester is the time every lady enjoys because this is the time for the baby shower where she prepares herself to welcome the newborn with other ladies. The guests who are being the part of the event of the baby shower are a mother, grandmother, sister, etc. The activities that can be done on the occasion of the baby shower are cake cutting, offering gifts, dancing, etc. Now, if you are pregnant and you are going to plan your baby shower. Apart from the decorations, guests lists, and gifts, you might wonder which cake to choose for your baby shower. Even if you are planning this event for your loved ones, choosing the best cake can be confusing.

Today, in this blog, we will help you in getting your doubt cleared regarding the cake ideas for your baby shower. So, just have a look at the cake ideas below:


  • Go for designer cakes: If you are living in Faridabad, then you can go for the option of the designer cakes in Faridabad. On which, you can design the image of the baby, baby shoes, baby accessories, etc. to make your cake more impressive.

  • Text Cake: You can also order cake which is having any text written on that depending upon boy or a girl you are going to deliver that come into the category of designer cakes. In case you are delivering a boy then you can add a message, it is a boy or otherwise add a message, it is a girl!

  • Footprint Cake or Boot cake: There are many bakeries in Faridabad from which you can get your Cake delivered in Faridabad. They will help you in making your cake having the shape of footprints on them. We believe that this choice of cake is very much creative.

  • Crown Shaped Cake: If you are going to deliver a baby girl, then you can have the option of the crown shaped cake and just try to make this cake in pink color.

  • Blue and pink color cake: If you are going to deliver a baby girl and a baby boy then you can go for the option of the blue and pink colored cake. In case you are not aware of whether it is a baby girl or a boy then you can have this option of cake.

  • Sleeping Baby Cake: You can cut the cake of a sleeping baby cake having your favorite flavor. If you are going to deliver twins, you can have two babies on this cake, if you are having triplets then have triplets on this cake otherwise have one baby on this cake.

  • Barbie and prince Cake: Having Barbie and prince shaped cake, is also the great option. If you are having a boy, then choose prince otherwise choose a Barbie cake.

    At last,  we want to share along with you that you must choose your cake wisely because during pregnancy you may be caught by the allergy easily. Many cake sellers generally add artificial ingredients to the cake that can be harmful to you or your baby. So, always order your cake from the best and reputed sellers of cake like “FaridabadCake” who will get your
    Cake delivered in Faridabad at your doorstep. They use all natural ingredients to bake delicious cakes.

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