Importance of Striking the Right Chord Between Pizza Packaging and Advertising


When a flatbread is topped with tomato sauce and cheese and then baked is called a Pizza. It can be topped with items like vegetables and different types of meats. Pizza is sold is either fresh or frozen and is served in either portion or as a whole. It is the most consumed fast food in the European and North American countries.


The Italians invented the pizza in the 10th century as an experimental food for the royal court. The Greeks preferred flatbread covered in cheese, herbs, and oils.

The modern pizza is the revolutionized form of flatbread dishes in Naples, which was started in Italy in the late 18th century. Back then pizza was sold in open-air stands and out of pizza bakeries.

The US was introduced with pizza when Italian immigrants moved to Northern America. After WWII, the soldiers having tasted the Italian local cuisine in Italy provided a ready market for the Pizza makers. After this, the pizza market boomed. Now almost 13% of the population of the US consumes pizza on a daily basis.

Pizza Boxes:

Pizza is always fantasized in a square box and the most common means of packing pizza is a square box. The square box is a sign of happiness all over the world. “I think of dieting, and then I eat pizza.” Lara stone Baking a pizza is only part of the job. As it is mostly preferred hot and fresh it has to be packed in pizza box which can not only keep it safe but also keep it hot and fresh. In the earlier times, the pizza was packed in paper bags but this method destroyed the aesthetics of the pizza. So the vendors turned to use of cardboard. Cardboard is an insulator of heat making it a perfect medium to transport pizza. Also, cheese doesn’t tend to stick to cardboard so the appearance is also intact.

Image result for Pizza BoxesThe invention of cardboard boxes and corrugated cardboard boxes was a blessing for the pizza industry. Precut boxes help as the height of the boxes can be made accordingly so that the top of the box doesn’t touch the pizza. The corrugated cardboard has multilayers which keep the heat in and the pizza remains hot. As the box is almost airtight so the pizza remains fresh for consumption.

Also, instead of advertising it on the media, the boxes are the source of the advertisement for these pizza joints and shops.

Custom Pizza boxes:

The popularity of pizza increased with the competition in the market. The vendors and bakers were forced to make special names for their bakeries and brands. But with time came the home delivery system. So the question was to show the authenticity of the pizza, when it was delivered to the customer. As the pizza boxes were already laminated to prevent sticking of cheese all the producers had to do was print their names on the top of the boxes. Hence came to being the custom pizza boxes.

These pizza boxes served the purpose of keeping the pizza warm and were a very successful marketing strategy. If the taste of the pizza was good, all the customer had to do was look on the top of a pizza box to know which brand it came from and thus the brand gained another potential customer. Custom pizza packaging boxes are vital for the pizza business. They are custom made accordingly to serve the purpose of the brand. Some brands have small pizzas whereas others have large ones. So the brands have their customized pizza packaging boxes made so they can easily place their pizzas in them.

Image result for Pizza BoxesThe pizza is also sold in frozen form. The custom pizza boxes made for these pizzas are highly tolerant to low temperatures and are sealed to ensure a long life of the product.

Altogether these pizza boxes have a special place in the pizza world and are as important as the pizza itself. A good brand uses good quality of packaging that shows the credibility of the brand to the customer which is an important point in the business.

Pizza packaging boxes keep the pizza safe and keep the reputation of a brand in ever growing phase. Good pizza boxes are the mark of excellence of a brand in the market.


People usually give gifts to their loved ones of different kinds. But the best gift anyone can give is pizza. Pizza Boxes are big and slim and elegant looking. It has good grip shape and is printed with colorful insignias that make it even more beautiful. But due to conventional thinking and pizza’s freshness factor, it is not given as a gift usually.

Pizza boxes are utilized in making many different art & crafts projects. Many of the world’s modern art is made up of pizza boxes. So the recreational uses of pizza boxes are unlimited even after they have served their core purpose.

Pizza is a cause of delight before and after its consumptions and is the most loved snack all over the world.

“There is no better feeling in the world than a warm pizza box on your lap”. Steve Martin.

The big pizza franchises give pizza in good quality boxes so that a good impression is made on a customer’s mind. Customers tend to buy frequently the product that has good packaging material.

Packaging has always played a vital role in selling and advertising a product. Half the marketing is done by the packaging itself. That’s why a lot of resources are poured into the R&D of packaging material, type, shape, and design. It plays a part of the secret and silent marketer. Saying nothing but silently capturing the attention of a potential customer.

So compromising on the quality of the packaging is not an option in today’s market. 

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