What Is Lybrate And How Can A Doctor Register Himself With The Service?

The healthcare industry has taken giant strides in recent years. The advancement of technology has introduced new equipment to help doctors make accurate and quick diagnoses and treatment. The advent of mobile technology also allowed doctors to provide healthcare in remote areas across the nation.

India suffers from a severely low doctor-to-patient ratio. This issue is even more prolific in the rural parts of the country. Only 3% of doctors cater to people living in rural areas, which contain 70% of the total population of the nation. Such significant deficiency has given rise to services like Lybrate for doctors which act as an alternate method to connect a treatment-seeker to a medical professional.

What is Lybrate?

Lybrate is a web-based platform that connects doctors with patients. It allows an individual to schedule an appointment with doctors using a dedicated web portal or mobile application. There is also an online lab testing service that collects tissue and fluid samples from patients and shares the result online. Lybrate for doctors is primarily used for remote doctor-patient consultancy and patient management service for doctors, reducing the risks of self-medication by a significant margin.

There are more than 100,000 certified medical care professionals registered in Lybrate, making it one of the largest online healthcare consultancy services in the country.

How can Doctors Register Themselves in Lybrate?

Practicing healthcare service providers can easily signup for Lybrate. Its services are provided via a dedicated web portal where an individual can register through a workstation or a cell phone.

  • Lybrate for doctors is accessible for doctors, dentists and orthodontists. A professional will have to enter their full name, mobile number, and email address to start the registration process.

  • A 6-digit OTP will be sent in that mobile number for verification purposes.

  • The service will ask for the OTP after the individual clicks on ‘proceed.’ The applicant will have to submit his or her professional details after the phone number is verified.

  • The medical professional will be registered with the service once all the details are verified.

Benefits of using Lybrate

A healthcare professional can significantly grow their medical practice with Lybrate. There are several benefits of registering with this service. These include –

  • Listing Website – Lybrate for doctors can act as a listing service for doctors and clinics. Doctors can extend the reach of their practice by registering themselves in the system.

  • Speciality Based Services – Lybrate distinguishes professionals based on their speciality, location, and several other factors. It makes the entire system more convenient for treatment-seekers and efficient for professionals who are registered in the system.

  • Practice beyond Borders – It allows doctors to treat patients irrespective of their geographical location. It is a unique opportunity for aspiring doctors to tackle a wide array of scenarios and grow their medical practice.

  • Alternate Revenue Source – Doctors can earn a consultation fee with the help of such a platform. It is an alternate source of revenue for the time and effort invested during treatment.

An alternative to such services will be to increase the number of patients the doctor visits. However, catering to more patients will require better and improved infrastructure. Medical professionals can take a doctor loan to finance the growth of their practice. Several financial institutions including NBFCs offer such credits with borrower-friendly terms.

mhealth or Mobile healthcare services like Lybrate offer a unique opportunity for doctors to grow their practice. They can extend their reach in the online domain using this service and improve the healthcare services in their clinics.