How Can I Get Really Cheap Car Insurance?

Best way to find really cheap car insurance is to compare car insurance quotes. Never assume
that large companies may be cheaper or vice versa.

Quotes are always free so don’t hesitate to get car insurance quotes from multiple companies.
Here are 6 ways for you to get the cheapest car insurance rates with good coverage.

1) Compare free car insurance quotes from multiple companies.

Every insurance company has a different way to calculate car insurance quotes for you. Never
assume that a large or more known company may provide you cheap quote.
The only way to ensure you’re getting the best possible and lowest rate is by shopping around
and comparison.

2) Choose most appropriate coverage limits

Going for higher coverage limits can significantly increase your auto insurance premium. Getting
the right and most optimal coverage for your needs is the best way to find the most suitable and
appropriate rates for you.

For example: If you have an old car, you may want to skip collision coverage.  It pays to repair
the damage to your vehicle from any incident. It is important to note that the maximum payout is
limited by the value of the car at the time of incident.

3) Consider having higher deductible

Opting for higher deductibles can significantly save you money and can lower your car
insurance premium.

4) Consider paying your car insurance premium in full as a single payment.

Most insurance companies always give you a discount for paying your bill in full. So if you can
avoid paying monthly payments and instead pay for 6 months or 1 year in full, you should be
able to get a lower car insurance premium.

5) Look for discounts

Most insurance companies offer a lot of discounts so make sure you ask for a complete list of
discounts from insurance company and carefully evaluate what all may apply to you.
Some of the auto insurance discount types are as follows:

  •  Customer Loyalty
  1. Bundle your different type of policies
  2. Multi car discount
  3. Early renewal
  • Auto features
  1. Anti-theft
  2. Anti-lock brakes
  3. Green or hybrid vehicle
  4. Higher safety car features
  • Affiliation
  1. Military
  2. Affinity : For example – certain club memberships
  3. Roadside assistance
  • Driving history
  1. Safe driver
  2. Low usage or mileage
  • Driver profile
  1.  Good student / GPA
  2. Defensive driver training
  3. Higher education
  • Payment / billing
  1. Auto pay
  2. Payment in full
  3. Paperless billing

6) Manage your credit history well.

Having a good credit history always helps you secure a good price for your car insurance. So
always make sure you manage your debt well. Pay your credit cards bills on time, pay your
utilities bills on time and try to never miss a mortgage payment.

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