Complete Guide: To Apply PAN Card Correction Form

PAN is an important identity card in India that is basically used for the tax purpose. Along with this, it is also used as the identity proof that has an alphanumeric identification number. There are situations when a PAN card applicant realise that the information provided is wrong or require small correction, pan card correction application form can help to solve this problem. No matter whether the name is incorrect, date of birth or other details, this form helps to file for the correction online. Here is a complete guide to applying for making necessary changes in the name on PAN card.

Correction on PAN card details is needed for various reasons. As PAN is now attached with Aadhar card, this means correct details should be updated as per Aadhar card. Nothing to panic, if details in PAN card is incorrect, here is a simple process to correct. There are situations when married women need to file for the name correction in PAN after the marriage. No matter whether a correction is required for an individual or a company, just fill the pan card correction form online along with facilitating the required support documents. There are various Indian government websites and third-party websites that help Indian people to make necessary changes, apply or other needs for UTI PAN card.


For a PAN name change, an individual can either go online or offline method. Here is a complete guide on filling for the name change in PAN card. Once you get your PAN card, ensure that all the details are updated correctly. If there is any mistake, file for the correction.


Online Method:

  • Visit official website –

  • Click on the changes option to get the correction form. Once the form is available, follow the below steps to complete the form and file for the correction in PAN card.

  • Once the changes are made, pay Rs. 107 as a fee for changes made and submit the application.


Offline Method:

If an individual is not comfortable with the online method, then an offline method is available to make the necessary changes in PAN card. Here is a stepwise guide to make necessary changes –

  • Visit a local Internet or e-Seva or the online Seva office with the current PAN card along with the support document for the changes required.

  • Ask for the pan card correction form, fill the correct details and attach the support documents

  • Inform the officer about the changes that you wish to make. The officer will issue the sample request letter to the government to add the necessary details in the database and details are submitted successfully for the corrections required

  • The corrected PAN card will be delivered at the home that takes around 1-2 months.

An individual can opt for any of the methods as per feasibility and complete the PAN card change procedure. This detailed guide on PAN card details corrections will help people to easily choose the right method and fill up the forms with correct details and submit either online or offline. Once an acknowledgement is provided, a corrected PAN card will be delivered at home.