That’s How Mother’s Day Is Celebrated In Various Pockets Of The World

The love and care that a mom gives to her children is something that cannot be thanked enough. Only a day is simply not enough to thank and appreciate the contribution of mom but still, when a day is singled out, all of you must take some time out and celebrate this day. There are at least 40 countries in the world that celebrate Mother’s Day in a lavish way. Most of them follow the 2nd Sunday of May as the selected date for Mother’s Day but many again choose to differ the time and date. Various countries follow various ways of mother’s day celebration and here is a glimpse of that for you.

 Mother’s Day Celebration In UK: 4th Sunday in Lent (Mothering Sunday) – 31st March 2019

In UK, Mother’s Day is known as Mothering Sunday. Most of the historians of today believe that this Mothering Sunday has its roots in the 16th Century Christian practice of visiting one’s mother church yearly on Laetare Sunday (it is the fourth Sunday in the season of Lent, in the Western Christian liturgical calendar). Now, due to this practice, moms reunited with their children. So, most of the family reunion happened on this day and people returned to their motherland. Young people who worked as servants in mansions were also given a holiday and their employers gave a gift for their moms.  Later as an influence of the American celebration of Mother’s Day, this Mothering Sunday was transformed into a full-fledged Mother’s Day. In today’s time, Mother’s Day is not a public holiday, but the tradition of meeting mom and spending the day with her is still observed.

Gift Ideas For Moms In UK:

Following the traditions, you can get the greeting cards and flower delivery in UK for your mom. You can also take her out to a lavish restaurant or gift things like a bouquet of chocolates, jewelry items, or luxury clothing.

2.Mother’s Day Celebration In USA: 2nd Sunday of May – 12th May 2019

In the year 1872, Julia Ward Howe proposed for Mother’s Day celebration to celebrate peace post the Franco Prussian War. But later when Anna M. Jarvis started her campaigns for Mother’s Day celebration, this holiday became famous. So, Anna M. Jarvis began with writing letters to gather support for a National Holiday for the celebration of Mother’s Day. She even reached out to the influential leaders of that time like Theodore Roosevelt, William Taft, & John Wannamaker. She worked towards this goal because she believed the role of a mother is the most crucial one in a family. Later, she also persuaded her mother’s church located in West Virginia to celebrate Mother’s Day that coincided with 2nd death anniversary of her mom. Later 2nd Sunday of May of every year was adopted as the date for this celebration. In 1914, the government passed a resolution that the 2nd Sunday of May every year would be a holiday to Mother’s Day celebration.

Gift Ideas For Moms In USA:

Send carnation flower bouquet or arrangement to your mom along with a freshly baked cake or a basket of fresh seasonal fruits.

3.Mother’s Day Celebration In Spain: 1st Sunday of May – 4th May 2019

Mother’s Day is known as “Dia de la Madre” and falls on the 1st Sunday of May every year. People in Spain believe that the month of May is dedicated to Mother Mary (mother of Jesus Christ) and that is the reason to celebrate Mother’s Day in the month of May. In Spain, the school-going children prepare a surprise gift for their moms under the guidance of their teachers. People prefer to spend the day with the whole family and all the family members bring nice gifts for their moms.

Gift Ideas For Moms In Spain:

Ideally, most of the people in Spain opt for chocolates, flowers, greeting cards, etc. to greet their moms on this day. You can surprise her by preparing a meal for her or by getting her some plants.

4.  Mother’s Day Celebration In Sweden: Last Sunday of May – 25th May 2019

The first time Sweden celebrated Mother’s Day was in 1919. It was an initiative taken up by the author Cecilia Bååth-Holmberg. But the wide recognition of this special day took many years. In the early 20th century, the Swedish people hesitated from celebrating this day because they thought it was invented for strict commercial purposes. But later it became famous and now there is a fun activity attached to it. Most of the children sell small & cute plastic flowers as gifts to celebrate Mother’s Day. Now the money that is gathered by selling the plastic flowers is used to arrange a small trip for the mom with her children.

Gift Ideas For Moms In Sweden:

Following the tradition, you can get “breakfast in bed” for your mom or take your mom out for a lavish lunch or dinner in some nice restaurant. Also, don’t forget to get a bouquet of flowers for her.

5.  Mother’s Day Celebration In Yugoslavia: December Every Year Around Christmas

The Mother’s Day celebration in Yugoslavia is the funniest and weirdest ones in this whole world. Mother’s Day here forms a part of the three-day celebration during Christmas. Three days before Christmas is observed as Children’s Day and on this day children are tied up and not released until they promise to be well-behaved. The following Sunday is celebrated as Mother’s Day and on this day, the moms are tied up while they are asleep. When they wake up they first promise to give the gifts that she has kept in some hidden place and then they are released. The basic idea is simply to have fun with family members.

Gift Ideas For Moms In Yugoslavia:

The tradition here is that the moms give gifts to their kids, and thus they can look out for a basket of exotic chocolates, teddy bears, some latest gadgets and toys, etc. In return, the children can get their mom some lovely ornaments or a gorgeous dress.