Why Demand for Non-Alcoholic Perfumes Increasing in India?

The love for perfume is increasing day by day in India, with a large number of people switching towards high-end fragrances, removing their deodorants from the countertop. They are trying to know more about the world of fragrances to make the right choices when it comes to these little scented wonders. Over a period of time, the alcoholic perfumes have started making a huge round in the market among perfume users. Although the number of brands selling alcoholic perfumes is a bit high, the non-alcoholic ones are getting popular with each passing day.

With top international perfume brands trying to make their presence in the Indian market, this perfume category is full of opportunities. If you are someone who is not aware of what this perfume category is all about here is a simple explanation for you,

Alcoholic perfumes are the ones that contain alcohol in their base with fillers and perfume essence. The quality of an alcoholic perfume depends on the percentage of the alcohol present in them. The non-alcoholic perfumes, on the other hand, are those who have oil as their base with perfume essence. These ones are considered to be one of the most popular and high-quality fragrances available.

What Makes Non-alcoholic Perfumes Better?

If you are still wondering about what makes a non-alcoholic perfume better than the rest, we have here curated a list of qualities that make these fragrant perfumes set apart from the rest. You can read, and decide if this is something, you want to have and enjoy.

Lasts for Longer Hours:

Non-alcoholic perfumes have an oil base in place of any alcohol so it does not evaporate at a fast rate like alcoholic perfumes. The perfume essence will stick to your skin, release the scent slowly and steadily for up to 12 hours. Some of the very high-quality oil-based perfumes tend to last more than 24 hours without any lapse or need to apply again. While on the other hand, the alcoholic perfumes tend to last for about 6 hours with very high-quality fragrance essence.

Does Not Irritate The Skin:

With oil based perfumes you can relax about your skin woes. It contains natural ingredients and oils that pamper your skin, giving it much needed moisture. If you have, dry skin and you are finding trouble in making your perfume stay, oil-based perfumes can help you. They will provide moisture to your skin helping the perfume to stick to it for longer hours. Moreover, people with sensitive skin who face allergies and rashes with alcoholic perfumes can also use these oil-based ones without worrying about any side effects. Oil based perfumes do not contain fillers as it is available in alcohol ones.

Have a Longer Shelf Life:

Since alcoholic perfumes have alcohol and it is very vulnerable, reactive to heat, and light, it does not have a very long shelf life. However, the oil-based perfumes can last for years. Archaeologists have found several perfume bottles in Greece and Egypt and they still have the essence intact as it was centuries ago. You will get your money’s worth with this amazing fragrance. People who use perfumes on very special occasions can invest in these without worrying about wasting their money.

Non-flammable And Safe:

Being oil-based, these Luxury Perfume are not flammable as compared to the alcoholic ones. Moreover, since they are free from alcohol, they will keep your skin safe giving it needed nourishment and moisturisation. On the other hand, the alcohol ones tend to make your skin dry ripping it off its natural body oils. You will have to use a moisturiser or Vaseline underneath alcoholic fragrances.

Have Therapeutic Effects:

Oil-based perfumes are made using natural ingredients and oils thus it has a therapeutic effect on your body. Whenever you are feeling uneasy, irritated, stressed or tired, just apply a little perfume on your forehead, around your chest, and arms and lie down. This will help you in reducing your stress levels while feeling rejuvenated.

Little Goes a Long Way:

The oil-based perfumes are very concentrated thus you will need a very small quantity of it. Just a dab of the perfume is enough to make you smell amazing for hours at a stretch. On the other hand, you will have to apply large quantities of alcoholic perfumes which causes a bottle of perfume to last for not more than 2-3 months with optimal use.

Next time whenever you will buy perfume, keep these points in mind and invest in a good non-alcoholic perfume. Explore oriental brands as they have the best collection of oil-based attar.

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