The Art of Picking Jewellery That Complements Your Looks

Jewellery is the most powerful add-on to any outfit. The right piece can add a lot of oomph to your look. But, choosing jewellery that accentuates your looks could be daunting, especially when shopping online because of the myriad options available at stores. To pick the piece that looks like it’s made ‘just for you,’ you need to have a little know-how about what goes with your face shape, skin colour, and clothing. Not sure of how making a selection based on these criteria? We are here to help! Read on to learn the art of choosing the perfect jewellery.

1. Consider the Face Type

Not every jewel piece would go with the shape of your face. When shopping women accessories online, pick a piece that matches your face type.

  • Round Face

Long, angled earrings, long necklaces, and earrings in rectangular shape offset the shape of the round face and look beautiful.

  • Oval Face

If you have an oval-shaped face, you are the most blessed because necklace and earrings of almost any style, shape and size will look just perfect. Hoops and chandeliers will specifically look wow.

  • Square Face

Those who have a square face should buy pieces that draw away the attention from the angular jawline. Opt for necklaces with a curve shaped pendant, large hoops, and chandelier earrings.

  • Diamond or Heart Shaped Face

Go for chokers, bud earrings, and short necklaces, as they add length to the narrow chin.

2. Consider the Skin Type

Though not as important as face type, considering skin type can help you in making a better decision. Here are a few pointers to remember:

Gold or gold-inspired pieces will go well with dark skin. If you have dark skin, you can also try jewellery in colours like green, yellow, and white.

Silver or silver-inspired jewellery goes well with pale skin. But remember that even too-white silver might not match with the skin colour, so opt for silver in darker shades.

3. Consider the Neckline

If you are buying jewellery to team up with a particular dress, don’t forget to consider the neckline of the apparel.

  • Deep V Neckline

Long pendant necklaces look astonishing with deep v necklines. If you are willing to experiment, buy a layered necklace and dangling earrings to glam-up the look.

  • Boat Neck

Boat necks look classy, and so should be the accessory you are teaming it up with. Go for a long chain or a string of pearls. You can also wear oversized studs to give a strong character to your style.

  • Asymmetrical Neckline

When wearing a one-shoulder top or dress with asymmetrical neckline, the safest bet is to team it up with an asymmetrical necklace. If you don’t want to wear a necklace, go for earrings in geometrical and other shapes.

Final Words

When buying jewellery, always remember that there’s a fine line between adorning yourself right and overdoing. Even if you have some timeless pieces in your collection, that doesn’t mean covering yourself from head to toe. Keep the look minimal to make a style statement. And not to forget, invest in a piece that’s impeccable in terms of quality and craftsmanship.