How Indo Western Gowns Changing the Trend in Fashion Industry

Among the amalgamations of Indian traditional wear and western influence, the gowns are particularly popular among the masses. It has not only revolutionized the fashion industry but has brought in this blend of vintage charms with contemporary styles that has embraced the Indian traditional designs on the essentially western wear.

The Appeal of Indo Western Gowns:

The top brands and designers have taken it upon themselves to produce fine collections of gowns to choose from and give women an option other than the traditional saree and lehenga.

1. These gowns are perfect fit for parties and even as bridal wears. A number of brides are inclining towards this fusion wear for their big day as the mobility and convenience that can be afforded in a gown is rare in the traditional wears. The gowns for girls are gaining gradual popularity as the effortless elegance of a dress is attracting the wearers.

2. For bringing forth the sophisticated style and the detailed work that these Indo western gowns come with, it is trending on the runways. Mostly, the gowns are associated with special events such as, weddings and parties but the wide experimentation with the apparel has made it available in the semi-formal style as well which can be worn anywhere, anytime.

3. With varied necklines, the characteristic heavy jewellery goes extremely well with the gowns and the various styles to choose from fit the taste and personality of the wearer.

Dark and pastel shades are popular this season, with both heavy and minimalistic work done on them. This fusion has emerged as an elegant new aesthetic that is the ultimate solution for all fashion dilemmas.

The Various Types and Styles:

From celebrity weddings to red carpets, the western gowns have taken the fashion industry by storm and, more and more designers are show casing their ideas and designs on the gowns and producing more choices in the process.

1. The low-high straight dress with a twist at the hemline is worn on the red carpet as well as apt for everyday wear, depending upon the material and colour of the dress. The fun and trendy option is suited for all body types and with the long slits, very attractive as a party wear, for everyday wear one can pair it with palazzo pants or even simple jeans to complete the look.

2. Asymmetric hemlines are paired to any kind of dresses these days and a gown with asymmetric hemline is best suited for shorter women. The traditional look is transformed to this lively fashion with the hemline in an elegantly beautiful manner.

3. Traditional jackets on top of the western gowns or western blazer style over the heavy worked gowns are adding the element of freshness in this wedding season and making the wearers stand apart.

4. The design is worked with from various angles and heavy designs from the waist down with embroidered jackets on top are one of the most popular styles. A much more simplistic design is also adapted for formal or semi-formal event with minimalistic embroidery and more sophisticated combination of peach, light green, blue, white, Grey with beige or other pastel colors to suit the nature of the events in effortlessly elegant attire.

5. Anarkali gowns are the absolute epitome of fusion wear as the traditional anarkali suit is designed into a dress. Accentuating the figure of the wearer, the flow of the gown brings out the simplicity of the attire with emphasis on the hairdo and makeup. The dress does not overpower or take away from the attention towards the wearer but complements it.

6. Some prefer the fairy-tale style princess gowns for their big day or even for special parties. The absolute head-turner with its layers and falls is sure to have all the attention on the wearer. With a slim waistline and a huge fall from it, the princess gowns look absolutely dreamy and surreal. The elaborate dress is perfect to draw all the attention of the party but it is not for casual wear.

For pre-wedding ceremonies to weddings for both the bride and the attendees, the occasion demands special attires for each one. Spicing up the gowns by trying different structures and distinct designs can be the solution to all the wardrobe choices this season. But coordinating the colours right is the key to look flawless in a gown. From the fairytale ball gown to the fringed ones, the styles to choose from are numerous and customisable with all the designers working on this particular garment. Even foreigners whose traditional wear are the gowns are embracing the cultural fusion and wearing the Indo Western gowns with heavy Indian traditional embroidery to stand out from the crowd and are experimenting with the colour widely.