Best Gemstones for Engagement Rings

Getting engaged is undoubtedly one of the best and memorable times of your life. You are just about to enter a new phase of your life with your loved one! This is the time in which you want to make every moment the most special and grand in every possible way. And therefore, the most significant part here plays the ring.

If you are someone who wants to break free from the age old and followed traditional engagement rings and want to make it a little different and happening, you can choose from the variety of options of other gemstones beaded rings especially crafted for the occasion of an engagement. However, to make a best and informed choice, don’t just always go for the gemstones aesthetics, evaluate other factors such as hardness and wear ability of the stone as well. Below, are some distinct engagement rings options for you:

Different Coloured Diamonds:

We all know that diamonds make the perfect choice of a stone in an engagement ring, but if you want to play with your creativity and want to stand apart from the regular engagement rings, you can chose a different colour diamond. It also depends on your partner’s choice of colour and accordingly you both can make a better choice. Diamonds naturally and roughly are available in a variety of 10,000 colours. But, the most rare and expensive is pink diamond.


Since traditional times and ages, sapphire like Blue Sapphire stone is known to be a mark and symbolism of royalty and class. Therefore, it would not be wrong to say that there is full proof evidence to prove this, where in the Duchess of Cambridge; Kate Middleton received a notable and sophisticated sapphire that was once the cherished and most loved ring of the mother of Prince William, Princess Diana. With this and other valid reasons, sapphires have undoubtedly taken up the new space of modern engagement rings.


If being elegant is your style and class, then what is better than an emerald stone? An emerald since a long time has been associated with royalty and class and how can one forget the love of emerald by the historic ruler Cleopatra. The queen just adored this stone forever. On a hardness of 8, emeralds make a good choice for engagement rings, but to avoid scratches, a little extra care is needed.


Want to have the most sizzling, dazzling, sparkling, glittering and most attractive engagement ring, you must go for a ruby engagement ring then. Just like a sapphire, it shares the some toughness and hardness which makes it as a suitable and wise choice for an engagement ring. Also, what is best is that it is generally being associated as the symbol of love and hearty emotions. So, what is best than a ruby engagement ring to seal your love forever?


An amethyst is a very popular and common alternative to the diamonds. An amethyst stone comes in an attractive colour variety that normally ranges from lavender to deep and dark purple. They stand on a hardness of 7 and generally do not any cleavage panes which makes them difficult to break and hard to scratch. If you want to own a stunning piece of jewellery in the name of your forever cherished engagement ring, you can choose from the varied colour options of amethyst and keep the love and spark alive in your married life as bliss forever.

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