6 Repetitive Mistakes That Make Your Makeup Products Super Unhygienic

Putting makeup seems like an easy peasy thing to do and already a part of the daily routine for those who wear makeup and for those who are in the makeup industry as a profession. It’s like something they can do even with eyes closed.

The common yet sometimes also unnoticed problem when it comes to the familiarity of doing makeup concerns hygiene issues. You might be one of those many people who overlook or ignore a lot of things when it comes to taking care of makeup products and apparatuses. Not keeping them clean is not only yucky but also unhealthy.

 Are you sure you’re not being unhygienic with your makeup products? Here are 8 mistakes that makeup users like you usually do.


One of the toughest dilemmas of makeup owners is throwing away old makeup. If it still looks good, feels good and if you believe it’s still good, then the tendency is that you’ll continue using it — however, you must learn to kill your darlings. Even if they’re so precious to you, if they’re too old and expired, they mustn’t be used on your skin anymore.


For instance, you’re decluttering all the stuff inside your room and out of nowhere, you suddenly find a lipstick you’ve been finding for years already. Most likely, you’ll be happy to find it, and without thinking twice, you’ll add it to your current makeup kit. That’s dangerous and unhygienic. Why? First, it’s been hidden for a very long time, and it’s so long since the last time you used and cleaned it. Second, you might not now that it’s already past the expiration date.

 Your skin might react negatively and experience irritations with expired makeup products, so throw away the old and unusable.


Sharing is caring, but not always. One of the rare times that it isn’t is sharing makeup with other people. Even if they’re your family and friends, it’s still unhygienic to share makeup. It’s not being selfish, just being concerned with your skin and the skin of others. Germs effortlessly transfer from one’s skin to another’s. Allergies and other skin issues might affect those skins without such.

This is hard to avoid because sharing is less expensive, very convenient and of course, friendly, so if you really have to, make sure to use disposable applicators and a separate pallette. In those ways, you’ll be maintaining the neatness of your products while also being careful with your skin and others’.



You sharpen the pencils you use to write so that you can use it again better and get better results. It’s the same with makeup pencils such as eyeliner pencils and eyebrow pencils.


Sharpening them take off the old skin where bacteria rests — since it’s been used on someone’s skin and since it’s been exposed. It’s also wrong to use a writing pencil sharpener, especially the used one, to sharpen your makeup pencil. That’s just so gross.



Because of forgetfulness or lack of more “strength”, you might leave makeup bottles uncapped and reusable packs not sealed tightly. These don’t only lead to dryness and hardening but also allow bacteria to enter and to penetrate.



The makeup brush is among the most important and most used makeup materials. There are many kinds of it. Sometimes, when left with no choice, maybe you also happen to use a makeup brush for a different but almost the same purpose. Take a concealer brush and an all-around eyeshadow brush for instance. Since they look sort of alike, you might intentionally use the other for the other’s purpose if it’s the only thing available.


The point is that brushes are used very often that’s why there’s a big chance for them to get dirty. One wrong way of cleaning a brush is blowing the makeup off it. Saliva might carry germs that transfer to the brush used on your face. After wet cleaning it, don’t just leave it out in the open because when it’s wet, it calls for more and more bacteria to come to its bristles.



The makeup storage might be your least priority since it’s not something you directly use or put on your skin, however, it’s vital to keep it clean. You might see your scruffy and dusty makeup kit, but you just shrug and let it be.


Your makeup bag is where all your makeup products are placed in. If the bag itself is not clean, it’s not too comfortable to use what’s inside. A lot of germs easily get and stay in it since it’s the most prone to makeup residues, dusts and spills. Tiny microorganisms might live in your makeup bag, and you don’t even know because you don’t even clean.

Keep in mind all the above-mentioned points. You might not notice them always but they are the common mistakes you do over and over again which make your makeup products unhygienic.


Nicole Ann Pore is a daytime writer for Napoleon Perdis, Australia’s leading beauty brand that offers a wide selection of prestige cosmetics suitable for everybody. Taking care of the skin and keeping oneself hygienic, beautiful and healthy are some of the many topics she writes about. She also does research and shares her thoughts regarding people’s use of makeup and the artistry itself. | Nicole graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University Manila, Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts.