Great Ideas for Your Company Christmas Party

The end of 2018 is fast approaching. And who can wait? Most of us have already begun thinking about how we’ll unwind, take time off and what we’re going to do with our friends and family.

Unless you’re the one planning the company end-of-year party!

To the employee responsible for organizing the company party: we feel for you. Not only is the pressure for arranging a fun event for everyone entirely on your shoulders, but it has to impress your higher-ups – your reputation is on the line!

Here we are giving you some ideas for company Christmas party:

1. for the traditionalists, center your event on food

Enjoy a quintessential Christmas feast

Of course, you can’t go past the classics.

Your Chef’s hot food platters and Christmas craver menu are perfect for capturing the magic of a white Christmas.  Complete with roast turkey, a whole leg ham, as well as a succulent hot and cold platter, food packages are perfect if you want to bring a bit of that winter magic down south. 

2. Dress up!

If you’re looking for an opportunity to encourage some creativity in your co-workers, you can’t go past a well-organized costume party.

Dressing up – or down – is a fantastic way to end your year. After all, the end-of-year party is about more than just Christmas – it’s an opportunity for you and your team to unwind after a solid year of (hopefully) hard work.

3. Embrace the dagginess, we say!

Christmas has a reputation for being decidedly daggy.

The decorations can look tacky; the clothing would land you on the faux pas pages of any celeb magazine, and Mariah

Ugly sweater parties have taken off in recent years as celebrations of all things eye-poppingly awful. And that’s why Events Planner Singapore hosting one of these events is great for getting a bit of a laugh out of your staff – after all, isn’t that what Christmas is all about?

4. Explore Santa’s workshop

Here’s something a little unconventional: how about a Santa’s workshop-themed Christmas event? While it may sound silly, setting up your party room to look like Santa’s workshop is surprisingly good fun! Hire Event Service Singapore for more innovative ideas.

Each “workstation” in the “workshop” has a different activity that tests your co-workers’ creativity and teamwork – it’s more than just a bit of fun! Workshops are a great way to strengthen the bonds that hold your team together and improve staff performance. 

5. around the world

Not every culture celebrates Christmas.  Many observe their own end-of-year celebrations.  In fact, even amongst countries that do celebrate Christmas, they way they go about it can be vastly different.

So why not celebrate this diversity with an Around the World themed party?

This is an especially suitable idea if your team is highly diverse.  You might encourage all your staff to turn up in national or traditional clothing or to share their own traditional festivities for other to experience.  There’s no better way to break down barriers a build understanding and cohesion within your staff.


Whatever theme you settle on, listed here or otherwise, get in touch with MTM Events or all your events needs.

To start laying the ground for your company’s Christmas or end of year function, contact MTM Events for the perfect culinary experience to cap off another successful year! 

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