Fallout Shelter MOD APK Unlimited Money Cheats Download [Updated]

Fallout Shelter MOD APK

Fallout Shelter MOD APK is a mobile game about asylum management, in which survivors of a nuclear war took cover. The player in it builds new rooms, equips them with equipment, makes sure that the wards were busy working and multiplied with enthusiasm, and also organizes attacks on the surface.

Fallout Shelter is free, but the money will have to be paid for different things that simplify life in the game. However, if you follow the tips listed below, then the game will become much easier and without any investment.

Upgrade the shelter gate as soon as possible.

Raiders raids – this is what you will suffer the whole game. Therefore, as soon as you have 500 free bottle caps (local currency), spend them on a reinforced door of refuge. In parallel, do not forget to place a well-armed guard there.

Learn how to assemble rooms

The simple rule is that if two rooms of the same type of shelter are located next to each other, they will work much more efficiently. If you arrange the three rooms, the efficiency will also increase, but the bonus will be much less. Therefore, try to always compose rooms of two, and use the option with three rooms only if it does not slow down the construction of rooms of another type.

By the way, if the rooms are not assembled, then most likely they are pumped to different levels. Correct this misunderstanding.

Upgrade rooms

Expansion shelter – quite a dreary occupation, because for the construction of new rooms require additional energy and water. Therefore, in some situations, it is much more efficient to simply upgrade an existing room, which will also give a good bonus to the effectiveness of the shelter.

Choose the most suitable tenants for each room

Each resident of the shelter has a small set of characteristics that suggest which activity is best suited for this character. You can view them just by tapping on the little man.

Well, if you bring a room closer, you can see that workers with which characteristics are better suited for it. Using these two features you can always find suitable staff for different rooms.

Take care of tenants

It is very important that the tenants be as happy as possible – in the Fallout Shelter, morale greatly affects productivity and sometimes, instead of building or upgrading a room, it will be enough just to spend some time and put the asylum population in order.

Another important nuance is the equipment of the tenants. Do not forget to distribute things correctly: guards and residents who you send to the raids must get a powerful weapon. The rest give out the equipment with those bonuses that are useful in the work.

Accelerate production with caution

In Fallout Shelter there is a function that allows you to speed up production in a particular room – but with the risk of an accident in it. Use this function only when absolutely necessary. By the way, if characters with a high luck rate live in the room, the risk is noticeably reduced.

Do not forget the attacks

In the Fallout Shelter, tenants can be sent into forays beyond the shelter, in which they will gain experience, money, and other valuable things. Remember that the researcher should be well armed, he should also give things with a bonus on stamina, first-aid kits, and drugs for radiation. Be sure to watch out for the survivors who were sent into the raids, and do not forget to withdraw them before they die.

Please note that among the tenants there are those who love raids. It would be wise to be the first to send them outside the shelter.

Multiply with caution!

One way to increase the population of a shelter is to place a man and a woman in one room, and then wait until they have a child. Plan such as “marriages” with great care – children do not grow immediately, but they have to spend resources on them from the very first day. Therefore, keep in the dungeon exactly as many children as you can feed – and the value is better to pick up with a reserve, as adult residents have the habit of dying at the most unexpected moments.

Remember that there are two more ways to get new tenants. First, they themselves will sometimes come under the doors of the asylum. Secondly, it is necessary to build a radio station that will attract even more survivors to the shelter.

Revive the most valuable tenants

In Fallout Shelter, a tenant can be returned from the world of the dead by paying a decent amount. Do not spare money for this opportunity – after all, it will not be easy to grow a new well-pumped tenant.

Always do tasks

The first thing to do when entering the Fallout Shelter is to check the list of tasks (you can find it in the radio menu), and then complete them all. For tasks issued a rare currency, as well as boxes with valuable items. Many players buy them for money – so why lose the way to get the same thing for free?