5 Awesome Morning Birthday Surprise ideas for kids

Kids are the blissful gift given by God in our homes. We can’t live without their existence. They are the soul of life. They are the reason to live a life. Parents get more excited when kids birthday arrives. They start planning and executing the birthday party before a month. Obviously it’s the most special day of kids and the parent’s life. Make your kids birthday morning a best morning of the year. Check out the activities you can do freshen up kid’s morning. Buy birthday cake online it will delight kid’s mood and keep him/her smiling throughout the day.

1 : Morning Balloon Surprise

Kids love playing with balloons so let their day started with the thing they love the most. Your kid is sleeping, tie some helium balloons beside his bed. Or fill the ceiling with multicolor helium-filled balloons. If you not prefer helium balloons, have dozens of non-inflated balloons and spread it in the room. Once your baby gets up and she/he sees the room is filled with lots of balloons. Kid will startle with joy and laughter. Don’t forget to click the jaw dropped gesture. 

2 : Tasty Treats

What is your kid’s favorite breakfast let his/her morning start with his favorite breakfast. Mom is an expert cook, bake cookies, cake or cup cakes at home and give a sweet treat on kid’s breakfast table. Want to arrange a small tea party for kids? Call all neighborhood kids to arrange a mini party followed with some milkshakes, some sweet truffles, and cup cakes. Try to give him/her a surprise by taking for breakfast outside at favorite restaurant.

3 : Little Toys

Toys are the best friend of kids. So giving a gift of little toys would be an ideal gift giving option. They are sleeping in the bed, scream happy birthday and tell your kid to wake up and unwrap the gift. For princess you can buy little makes up kit for Barbie doll or a cooking kit. For boy small cars gift would be an ideal choice. Well the preference of gift is the subject of interest, you can change it as per. The

4 : Birthday Notes

Well this needs a good exercise to make a memory lane for your kid. If he is 7 or 8 or 14 age, he or she can understand the importance of these notes. Create a garland of some memorable photos from childhood to present day. Or else make beautiful banner s of happy birthday and hang it around your children’s room wall. Have one oversized cardboard sheet and stick the plain paper on it. Now let all his friends and family members assign the note “why he/she is the special person of life”. He/she gets more emotional after seeing such wonderful birthday notes. So give it a try.

Sweet chocolates gift is a preferable choice for little one’s birthday. If you are wandering for order chocolates online, buy it now from here.

Kids love surprises and here are the best tricks to spoil them in the birthday morning. Kids willingly wait to get the most attention on birthday. And these activities will help to cherish their special day of life. Kid’s mood changes alternate day so take a hint of what type of surprise or what are their dreams. So you will get hint of how to freshen up their birthday morning. Well you have the great time to make their event the unforgettable moment of life. And your efforts will help them to recreate the special moments when they grow up.

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