Top 7 apps to crack CAT 2018

Common Admission Test is one of the most popular management course entrance exam in India. The examination is conducted by IIMs every year. It deems to be one of the essential criteria for candidates who wish to pursue MBA courses.

Deemed as one of the toughest entrance examinations, many aspirants in lieu of cracking the test at first go about joining the coaching classes. Most of them start their preparation in the final year of graduation itself for getting excellent CAT Result. On the pursuit of cracking the tough MBA exams, they end up juggling between classes, studies, and college. Though going to coaching classes is not a bad option, yet it leaves the student exhausted by the end of the day, carrying loads of books each time.

Technological Aid

Considering the present-day technological bloom and gizmo centric era, this worry is well taken care of. With every other student having a smartphone today, getting tutored and preparing for entrance tests is much easier. There are apps available on Android applications and Apple Store Apps which can be downloaded for free from Google Play store. There are many applications out there that aids in cracking tough entrance examination. Some of the top 7 apps to crack CAT 2018 as follows:

IIM-CAT Test Prep

The CAT examination is not an easy nut to crack. Along with immense hard work, the students must be perseverant and shouldn’t lose hope in between. In addition, having a good companion for preparation in the form of right study material can do wonders. IIM-CAT Test Prep is one such app that is a must for all MBA aspirants. The app is rated 4.0 out of 5 claims to be hassle-free and lightweight.

It comprises of top 1,000 questions that are divided topic-wise without making the study cumbersome. It ensures the students gain a good outline of the types of questions that will be asked along with providing a scorecard and report card after every test for students to invigilate their own answers.

MBA Test Prep

The TestFunda App is one of the top-rated MBA preparation apps found on Google Play and Apple Store. The Test Centre comprises 20 CAT Mock tests 12 NMAT mock tests, six XAT, IIFT and SNAP tests and 20 CMAT mock tests everything for free. Apart from these the other features include:

  • Word List
  • Question of the Day
  • Puzzle of the Week
  • Latest News Announcements for keeping students updated with the latest happenings.

CAT MBA Exam Prep – CL SSC by Career Launcher

This is one of the oldest and most sought applications developed and launched by Career Launcher a coaching institute for CAT. There are more than 240+ videos created by a top team of CAT Gurus offering a detailed study of each subject. The app comprises of Video Lectures, Notes, Practice sessions to solve and get acquainted with the examination format and just is the perfect stop for all aspirants. In addition, the app supports login feature that assists the student in tracking their performance through tests and quizzes from time to time.

TCY MBA Exam Prep

Listed among the top best apps for management courses, the TCY MBA Exam Prep comprises of everything that an MBA aspirant needs. The app supports preparation for CAT, IIFT, MAT and much more. It comes with various preparation packs. One of the best features of this app is its practice test feature. Students can take these tests anywhere and anytime irrespective of whether travelling on a bus or while sitting on the café. In addition, the feature of the challenge zone helps students prepare for the toughest exam with ease. Thus, it makes the must-have apps for all MBA Students.

CAT MBA Exam Prep by MingleBox

CAT MBA Exam Prep by MingleBox is listed among the top 7 must have applications in case if you are preparing for CAT 2018 examination. There is a lot that this app has to offer. These include:

  • Tracking progress
  • Listing Latest News to keep students abreast with the happenings,
  • Video lectures by experts
  • PDF notes feature

Furthermore, the app also features the word list feature that helps students in strengthening their vocabulary by listing new words with meaning every day.

BYJU’s The Learning App

BYJU’s – The Learning App, is among the top Android applications that can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store. The Application is a perfect stop for all those who are preparing for various state and national level entrance examination. And if you are a MBA aspirant, this completely fits the bill. The application offers video lectures from top MBA toppers, over 2000 Mock tests for test preparation that will render the students a complete understanding of the subject in detail. The video lectures are conducted as per modules and will render the understanding of any the most complicated concepts.


The App is the latest craze amongst aspirants. It is prepared to keep in mind the needs of every student. RODHA App is considered best for students who wish to improve their verbal score in CAT. The app comprises of following features:

  • Tracking viewed videos and a list of many aspiring videos
  • Feature to add a bookmark for each video and mark it future purposes.
  • 24/7 QA forum support from faculty
  • 10% free content access to check the quality of teaching and videos.
  • Enrollment through monthly, quarterly and yearly subscriptions plans
  • 7 days money back guarantee on each purchase.

With technological advancement, everything is easy and provisional for students. Now all the study material and guidance are available just a click away. So, what are you waiting for? Get to your play store and download the apps now and come out with flying colors.