The worst advice any Professor could give you

Teachers are also human beings! They can make mistakes and reflect on it if they are wrong. But some teachers do make mistakes give irrelevant advices when heard by a students they would also say what kind of advice was that. Teachers are mentors, facilitators and guidance partner. But some are not just facilitators. They are just humans who do not have control over their mouth. Whatever they spit out is totally negative. The teacher’s job has many responsibilities and put a lot of burden on their shoulders to cater student’s roles. 

Want to hear what kind of advises teachers have given to their students. However, some might be the ones which have been similar to your situation.

“You’re not capable of writing content”

The teacher’s remarks sometimes effects the whole personal talent and self-motivation into pieces. This was done to a student whose English teacher had advised him to quit writing. This kid dreamed of becoming writers a novelist. But due to his teachers advice all his dreams got scattered away.

The scenario was that a kid wrote his assignment and submitted to his teacher at the give time period. However, the next day everybody got his/her assignments checked and grade well. But that kid did not receive his.

When asked about the assignment the teacher suddenly screamed at him and said you’re not capable of writing content. He, in front of the whole class said you cannot be a good content writer never thought to be one.

“What more important you’re future or your funeral”

When teachers do not get and or understand the situation of their own children than things gets worst. Teachers are the leaders and the one whose students look up to them. But what if they humiliate you or do not consider your scenario much. What will it be? The professor advice student in taunting way and spit whatever is in the mind. When this kind of question is said by your mentors then the person probably wants to suicide.

The situation where a student has missed his/her test for his/her aunt funeral as the aunt died and was away from schools for a week. The next week when the teacher asks about why was he/she absent then when she told about the tragedy the answer is this what’s more important future or the funeral.  Students would never respect that teacher ever again.

“College, not a chance”

Sometimes when students rely on advices the teacher would give for their career goals. What would be worst the worst advice? Probably college is not your thing and college is a bigger challenge which you are not skilled of. Students are so passionate about their career opportunities. Some students are more like not interested in their career what should they do in the future. And this kind of advices will make a student think we are just useless people on earth. Some professors also make the students unconformable in their own choices and make them confused. They do not guide them to the right path nor encourage them whatever they are doing is best for them. Even the teachers make remarks about sorry Harvard is not your future.

Famous celebrities that received the worst advices 

Albert Einstein

Today world knows this man who has serve a lot in an education world. He was a Professor, who has solved and gives critical reviews about how to solve problem. He did not liked the way of formal teaching style of teachers. His teacher used to call him retarded and mental. They even advise him to drop high school as he is not talented enough to study with his classmates. What has teacher said proved him wrong at every level? According to copywriting services for websites they have also faced such advices which made them successful at in future.

Shakira (singer)

Shakira has told her fans that she got rejected from her music chorus.

Everybody knows her singing and everybody has listen to her sweet voice and the dancing style really is fabulous. What made her teacher ban her from entering the music class? Her teacher said you sound like a goat. You have a vibrato fit in your throat. But this humiliation made her a beautiful singer and a composer. The passion did not die nor get demotivated for all the comment she receives.

“You are not made for the field of gaming and programming”

Sometime the piece of advice given to anyone can shattered the whole future or make it regretful for the lifetime. Especially your teacher assists you in many ways possible. But when the teacher does not know what future will lead your students to then the path will be miss up.  For example, a person wanted to choose the subject area of gaming and programming. The teacher advice you to not indulge in this field as it’s very competitive enough you cannot bare it. Then the person shift its subject line to humanities after that he is now regretting.  The coursework writing service has said the owner was also advised from the teacher that he is not a creative person. But now he is holding the best writing department in his business.

Wrapping up

After all these advices one thing is noticeable teachers do make us feel inferior. If a teacher understands what students need to know by their expert advices then everything would be solved automatically. Well, advices are surely helpful in some ways around. They like for example teachers are the one who help students to show a clear path about the field you would choose. The advices given my harsh teachers are some way beneficial as in they have motivated some to choose a path which everyone is stopping you to perform. For example Thomas Edison whose teachers claim him dumb, said him he is too stupid to understand anything related to learning. But now, this person is famous and his is the first person to introduce bulb electricity.