The best IB tutor in Hong Kong

Why do students need help to boost their scores?

With the IB Diploma, at lot is at stake. A students’ IB grades decide which university they can be admitted into and hence to a large extent, determine a student’s future career path. Thus, it is certainly worth the effort for IB students to try their best to achieve a high score.

Some parents may ask whether relying purely on school materials is enough. The answer is yes, if you are aiming for an average mark but no if you want to aim for top grades. This is because schools do not teach in an exam-oriented manner, as required by the IB. This means that they don’t teach you to ace the exam but just teach you the basics and expect you to figure out how to do the exam yourself. Furthermore, the system in school do not actually encourage excellent teaching because teachers’ renumeration are not linked to students’ performance or satisfaction. As a result, school teachers can often get away with doing a mediocre job.

In a tutorial school such as HKExcel, on the other hand, tutor’s renumeration is directly linked to the number of students joining their classes. Hence, IB tutors typically have the incentive to produce results for their students. At HKExcel, students do not commit to us on a annual basis like they do in school. Students can leave us for another tutorial school as soon as they find our classes not useful. This gives constant motivation for our tutors to deliver the best for our students.

With regards to the teaching approach, tutorial centres like HKExcel focuses on helping students understand concepts in the simplest terms. Our objective is always to allow students to understand concepts in the shortest time frame possible. More importantly, we focus on teaching lam techniques that allows students to more predictably ace exam questions. In other words, our IB tutor look at the IB exam, and then reverse engineer what is required for students to get a level 7.

Why is HKExcel the best?

HKExcel is founded by Ryan Reagan and Edward Stevens, both of whom are top achievers in the IB Diploma and the UK A levels respectively. By nature and years of teaching experience, both of them possess exceptional communication skills. This is widely recognised by students worldwide. HKExcel’s Youtube channel, where Ryan and Edward post their teaching videos, have already received over 1million views up to date, which just shows how their teaching are well-liked by IB students world wide.

Five years ago, they interviewed over 100 IB students scoring above 40 to uncover their studying habits and consolidated them into a study guide named “Becoming an IB Miracle”. The guide became a best-seller in the Hong Kong book fair, and our co-founders were subsequently interviewed by several major newspapers in Hong Kong. Furthermore, they were invited by several IB schools in Hong Kong to share their learning tips.

Ryan and Edward’s teaching philosophy is to dramatically reduce students’ time to master a concept. As they are high school students not too long ago, they understand why IB students go for tuition: to save time and to have peace of mind.  Thus, all of HKExcel’s classes are designed to do exactly that for IB students.

In a typical HKExcel IB tutor class, the first half of the lesson will be focused on breaking complicated concepts down to students in simple terms. Then the second half will be focused on exam practice, where our tutor will go through a series of mock IB questions and IB exam skills related to those questions. The objective is to help IB students to master not only the concepts but how to do the exam questions.

HKExcel employs over 35 IB tutors, who are all trained meticulously by HKExcel’s co-founders in order to maintain consistent teaching quality across all tutors.

Due to this investment in teaching quality, HKExcel have consistently generated outstanding improvements in their students. In the past year, 11 IB students from HKExcel successfully scored 45/45. This outstanding achievement have caught the attention of Hong Kong Economic Times last year. In an interview that was done, Hong Kong Economic Times labelled HKExcel as Hong Kong’s go-to IB tutor.

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