Last Minute Tips and tricks to ace JEE Main 2019?

JEE Main is just around the corner. The big day for lakhs of engineering aspirants is almost here. Have you been studying day and night for the last few months and still feel nervous? You have been slogging for one or two years and yet experience stage fright on the day of your final performance. JEE is the gateway for you to enter the country’s premier engineering and technical institutes. This exam, if you pass it, takes you to the threshold of JEE Advanced. So it is understandable if you are feeling a little jumpy.

You have completed your entire syllabus; you have solved your previous years’ as well as mock question papers and your revision is also approaching its end. Let us have a look at some sharp witted tips that will be of use at the eleventh hour. Are you wondering what are the important topics you need to have a look at before you enter the exam hall? There are only a few days left, and you need to focus your concentration on specific areas. Do not let your preparation for one or two years go waste because of mistakes made in the last few days.

What you do in the last few days can have a decisive effect on your future. Let us have a look at the dos and don’ts on the last week before the exam so that your JEE Main Result is up to your expectation.


  • Study a new topic: You do not want to be among those students who make this grievous error of judgment. Do you want to demotivate yourself and increase your anxiety level? Then stay away from new topics!
  • Study for long hours: Follow your study pattern of the last one or two years. Do not drastically increase the number of hours you study in a day. This will only make you lose your focus and forget what you already know.
  • Have self-doubt: Say goodbye to questioning yourself. Keep faith and give your best shot.


  • Revise only important topics: We all know how crucial last minute revision is. But you also need to realize that it is humanly impossible to revise the entire syllabus, vast that it is. What you ought to do is to focus only on the topics which have weightage in terms of points and the ones which are scoring.
  • Go through your mock papers: Look at the mistakes you made. This will help you by throwing light on confusing concepts and formulas. Make a note of the mistakes you commonly make, and make sure you avoid them on the final day.
  • Sleep early: Are you in the habit of studying till dawn? Say goodbye to this unhealthy habit of yours. A sound sleep of 6 to 8 hours is absolutely necessary. You do not want to feel sleepy on the day of the exam.
  • Allow yourself breaks: You have to take short breaks if you want to stay fresh and active for a longer time. Put new life into your studies by allowing yourself a couple of minutes’ break after certain intervals.
  • Arrange your essentials: You already know what documents and necessities you need on the day of your exam. So why don’t you arrange your identity proof, pen, pencil etc.? You do not want to forget a basic necessity! Pack your admit card with a valid id proof.
  • Focus on your strengths: Do not try to learn new things at the last hour.
  • Revise the important theorems and formulae: This is not the time to read thick books all over again. This is when you use those pointers and short notes that you had earlier made.
  • Eat healthy: You do not want to feel unwell at this crucial juncture. We understand that anxiety has a negative impact on appetite. But you cannot compromise on healthy food.

Remember these important tips that you must follow on the day of your exam:

  • Reach the exam hall ahead of time to avoid last minute rush. If you are not familiar with the venue, why do you not go visit the place the day before the exam?
  • Make good use of the first 15 minutes by thoroughly reading the instructions on the question paper.
  • Answer the easy ones first to maximize your JEE Main Result. You do not want to later regret having missed out on easy questions.
  • Move on to the next question if you find a tricky one. Do not waste time fidgeting with a difficult question.
  • JEE Main is not an exam where you can give way to random guesses. Remember that there are negative marks and arbitrary guesswork will only serve to bring down your score.
  • Make sure you read the question carefully. It is often that students read a question wrong and that contributes to the their low score in JEE Main Result.
  • Set an order for yourself. Solve the easiest questions in the first round. Move on to the remaining ones in the next round.
  • Make sure that you do not devote more than 5 minutes to any single question.
  • Attempt questions according to your subject strength. In the beginning, you must solve the subject areas that you are proficient in. Then move on to the areas that you find difficult. For the very end, you must save the subject areas you fair average in.
  • Take your rough work seriously. Do not ignore the important role that an organized rough work can play in your JEE Main Result. Leave enough space between the rough work for each question and also do not forget to mention the question number beside each rough work. Following this simple step will make a huge difference at the time of revision before final submission.
  • JEE Main is an exam that tests not just your knowledge but also your time management skills. Fix a time schedule within which you have to finish each cycle of questions. Follow our tip on rough work, and be sure to save 10 to 15 minutes extra time.
  • If you are faced with questions that will take your precious time, and you are compelled to make a guess, you must, first of all, eliminate the options that you think are definitely wrong. This will reduce the probability of your choosing a wrong option.

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