Crack CEPT Examination Easily Using These Important Tips

Preparing for a new examination sound like an arduous task at first. But it’s not so. If you are a proactive student and know how to simplify your preparation process – you can achieve success.  When you complete your application process for the CEPT admission process, make sure to follow all the tips provided here so as to make the exam easier.

Be Thorough with the Exam Pattern

The most basic advice of them all but it’s really important that you know what you are about to face. Go through previous papers because when you have a strong knowledge of the different sections found in the exam, you will be able to face it with confidence. Understand the syllabus and use comprehensive study material rather than expansive solutions.

Prepare Individually for Each Section

After completing the CEPT admission form and starting your preparation, know that there are four major sections in the exam. They are drawing ability and construction awareness, analytical and logical ability and English. Not all lessons are the same which is why you should always individually prepare each subject and topic to score the highest.

Split Your Time

The time available should be evenly split between your exams and managed effectively. CEPT SBST and CEPT Urban Design run for 3 hours while CEPT SID will go much longer and it’s mandatory that you don’t waste the time but use it to answer questions or draw precisely.

Organizing your Preparation Time

The CEPT results are largely based on how you prepare for the exam and aware of the questions. The exams are often held in the month of June or July every year. If you are clear about it, you can start as early as your class 10 or join a coaching class when you finish class 12. Even crash courses could give you the much-needed intro into the world of CEPT.

Take Cue from Real Life Projects

The best way to go about this exam and acquire a CEPT Admission is to take a cue from real life projects. Some of the best projects are already in India and you can also read books written by famous architects, engineers and designers. If possible, talk to popular personalities in the field in your locality to know how you can shape your career which will boost your confidence.

CEPT Admission

Practice Does Make You Perfect

This is once again a widespread idea suggested to most students but it stands true even today. When you are preparing, make sure to take as many mock tests as possible to get an idea of the type of questions asked in the past. Complete all the previous year questions and when you actually take the exam, you might probably feel that many of the questions are similar.

Start your CEPT examination preparation early, solve a couple of mock tests, gain confidence by being in touch with industry experts and you will win with flying colours. Get ready to change the world with your amazing designs and creative ideas.

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