Brain development of children from 7-12 years – facts every parent should know.

The Years of child development between the age 7 to 12 is considered to be one of the most formative and enjoyable phase of the parents life.

The child is coming out of the Pre School phase and entering the Teenage years, while physical changes in the body is bound to happen which we are all aware about like changes in Appearance, Growth of Facial Hair in Boys and changes in the Physical structure of girls, there is also a profound change in the development of the Brain and the thinking process of the child.

At some point of their Pre Teens they will start becoming more of active listeners rather than just Passive listeners they will reason and analyse what you say with what they have previously heard or believe in. They’re actively judging and interpreting it in their own way.

What is essentially happening is that children are starting to see the big picture and trying to figure out things that they would most probably have taken for granted a few years back. The most important change that you may see is in girl’s motor skills they will start to exhibit more control on their motor skills between the ages of 10 to 12 because of the rapidly increasing weight of their brain.

As a parent you would be advised to maximise their opportunity to try and do things on their own so that they get a vast range of Experiences. New Neuron connections and new emotional understanding will start to build up and these needs direction.

We can help our children in this phase by giving them Memory Booster activities like taking a sequence of numbers and asking them to commit to number and placing them in order of seen elements after a gap of 15 or 20 Minutes. Brain training Programs which concentrate on the power of meditation and also help them channelize their thought process should be encouraged.

Memory boosting & Children Development Activities need to be practised at home or we can also enrol them for courses which can help them in doing these activities. The right Brain Training Programs will not only help boost memory but will also help the children with the development of their brain control.

This is the time of the Growth period when the EQ (Emotional Quotient) of the child will be developed and this EQ is best activated by a co-ordination of the Left and Right Brain Activities which are practised at Brain Training Programs. Some of the better Child Brain Development activities that you could consider would be Sudoku, puzzles and riddles.

Another way to boost the Brain Development of Children is to play Treasure hunt with them which will contain creative clues for the students to decode and find the treasure.

There are many organization and institute who are actively working/providing on brainchild development training.  Brainy is one of the institutes providing a sensory enhancement program incorporates a lot of activities which helps children achieve Brain Development.

The Blended training provides all-round development of the brain with multiple benefits. One of the components is the Memory Training course which focuses on retention and recall of long-term and short-term memory.  To know more about brain development activity and process refer

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