5 Things I Wish I Knew When I Was Studying

Back when I was a child, I attend school for the sake of attendance. Well, not so much but I go to school because my parents told me it is for good and my future. As a kid, I seem to be clueless about these things and what I care about the most are the educational supplies. I can bet that most of the kids are looking forward to that stuff every school year!

There are lots of things I wish I loved or at least appreciate back then. Now that I am a professional, I have realized a few matters about the education I had.

  • Educational supplies are no joke

I always get excited about the things I will use for school, whether it is brand new or hand-down items. There’s just a particular wow factor with educational supplies for kids. And I will forever hate myself for taking these for granted.

Now that I am earning my own money and buying supplies for my personal use, I realize that the materials purchased by my parents and sponsors are no joke! They cost a lot. Well, of course, they are worth it because we will use it for useful purposes. But if given a chance to go back in time, I wish I used them thoroughly and correctly.

I remember my father telling me before that during their days. They need to use their paper wisely for their family doesn’t have enough money to buy it. They should answer their quizzes well, so the paper that they used is not wasted. That story never left me and inspired me as well. From then on, I made sure that I will give justice to all the educational supplies I use.

  • Our teachers are tired and underappreciated

Don’t get me wrong – I love my teachers! I still know my advisers’ and professors’ names. I can recall my fondest memories of each. What I am talking about at this point is how much they need to rest and receive something in return that they truly deserve.

I see my teachers as superheroes. Like, wow! They know that? Can they do this? Amazing! So when they get angry or out of the mood, I can’t fully understand why. What’s their problem? I thought they are always on the go so what’s up? But now that I am related to people in the educational sector and even myself has an experience, teaching is tiring.

Of course, many people would argue that teaching might eat up a considerable chunk of your time, going beyond your regular work hours, suck your energy and spirit, but it is a fulfilling job. However, we can’t deny the fact teachers are also underappreciated. How I wish I were a better student to my teachers – I care more about them and realize that they are not “super” at all. They are just like any person with a great heart and passion for their chosen lives and careers. I wish I showed my affection and appreciation towards them better.

  • We are following a particular curriculum

As a kid, you don’t care so much about the paper and technical stuff. Come on, do children even read syllabus? The Department of Education releases the official curriculum guide stating the learning competencies and lessons students are expected to know and master at the end of the school year. If I only care about that before, maybe I will be more competitive and go for advanced study.

Curriculum guides just amaze me. Imagine students care about this thing and use this to their advantage. Would it be more fun? For others, it might be boring, but for me, this sounds cool! I can get to know what my teacher will discuss next, and I can read ahead… but this did not happen so I am sorry, self.

  • Learning is fun, supposedly

As what I previously said, most (if not all) of the kids go to school because their parents told them that this is for the children’s future. Personally, I enjoyed going to school and being challenged with the tasks and quizzes. However, there are a lot of instances where I feel nothing but pressure.

Learning should be fun, right? Students should be able to maximize their youth for it will only happen for a few years and we won’t be able to go back to our young ages. As years pass by, we are just getting older and never younger.

  • Create more memories with friends

The people we get to meet at work are good, but nothing beats the bond that we have with our school friends – definitely for keeps! Now that I realized how hard it is to find genuine colleagues, I wish I created more memories with friends and mingle more with “strangers” in school.

But you know, we can’t go back in time. Unfortunately, these are what ifs and wishes that will never happen. Nevertheless, we have opportunities to make these things happen. Our future kids who will soon be studying may not understand all the learning we want them to realize. And I believe it is okay. Giving a fair warning or tips is good, and we should let them make their own stories to tell about their educational journey.

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