Why Quora is Important for SEO ?

Running a blog is easy but ranking it on Google’s top result is highly difficult because apart from
doing its SEO there are other things too you need to take care of. You can start blog on any niche but
make sure it is of your interest if your agenda is to make money. Doing keyword research is also
important when it comes to ranking factors, and there are many platforms such as stack overflow
and Quora that can help you in doing so.
With the advancement in digitization, more and more business owners are moving on online
platforms to sell their products, and one can sell their products or spread awareness among the
targeted audience regarding the same.

Today, we are going to have a discussion on “why Quora is important for SEO”, but before we
proceed we will pass through a short introduction of Quora.

About Quora ?

If you surf through the internet regularly, then you must be knowing that Quora is a platform where
people can ask any type of question and anyone can answer it. People even share it on their social
media platforms if they like it or want to share it.
Before 2009, there were platforms from where you can get answers to your questions but none was
as popular as Quora. Quora came into existence in 2009 but in 2010 it got published for the general
public. After that many more platforms were built where asking questions is easy.

Moving on, let us see why Quora is important for SEO and how can it help us in doing SEO:
Why Quora is Important for SEO?
See, even if your backlink is strong, and you keep sharing your content or product details on social
media platforms, Quora can help you a lot, you can find questions related to what services you are
providing and answering those questions you can get a high-quality backlink from a large platform.
 Highly beneficial for those who want to create backlinks for their blogs. And this is one of the
biggest reasons behind why Quora is important for SEO:
 Easy to spread information related to your brand or product using the platform. You can ask
questions or answer some of them by sharing your official URL to get more traffic to your
website or blog.
 Easy to reach your targeted audience by answering the relevant questions or asking
questions that will attract more visitors.
 If you believe that the content you have written is perfect for sharing or answering on
Quora, then don’t waste time in thinking that whether you should share it or not, just share
it and get a backlink.
 If you will become success in getting quality backlink and Google will recognize it then it will
directly help your blog’s rank in getting increased and you will be able to see the results too.
Final Words !
Mentioned above are some of the factors through which we can say that why Quora is important
for SEO, if you will implement these strategies effectively then surely Quora or other question
answer platform will help you in your business growth.

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