Top Social Media Tricks That Can Weave Magic on the Volume of Your Website Traffic

The success of any digital marketing campaign is measured across multiple parameters, search engine page ranks, the volume of traffic generation, the number of leads and conversions being the prime ones. While there are many ways of achieving these objectives, social media is one of the principal ones given the level of interest prevailing it nowadays. Digital marketing can be quite expensive and you can spend a packet without getting the desired results. Social media, on the other hand, when leveraged properly, can prove to be a reliable and enduring source of organic web traffic. Some tips and tricks for increasing web traffic using social media:

Use Visuals to Grab Attention

Social media users are notoriously impatient because they have to deal with a very large volume of content using mobile devices. This makes them averse to reading large blocks of text. If your social media account focuses on getting the message across using compelling visuals in the form of photos, infographics, videos, etc. it is likely to attract more eyeballs helping you to buy real Instagram likes. Instagram is a prime example of how social media has succeeded in getting the highest level of user engagement simply on the backbone of visual content. It is also far easier for content managers to produce engaging content using graphics and photos than to create text that will actually be read.

Make Content Sharing Convenient

Social media is a huge preoccupation of the young generation who mainly use their accounts on their mobile phones. If the content is really interesting, they usually share it with their own followers. For owners of businesses, this opens up a wonderful prospect of being able to get the attention of a progressively larger audience who will have the opportunity of visiting the website. To take advantage of this, sharing of content has to be made very easy both on the website as well as on the social account. There are plenty of plugins that can make it very convenient for users to share content. Also, the social media buttons when placed appropriately on every page of the website can really boost content sharing and traffic.

Seize the Moment

Fresh and updated content is one way of guaranteeing that social media followers stay locked into your account. Don’t keep on pushing content to your followers all the time as they will soon get tired of the volume. Instead, keep your posts fewer but publish at the same time every day so that users can wait for them. While you should have a content publishing schedule so that your posts are more consistent, you should also try and post at the times your users are most active so that you can get the benefit of more likes and website traffic. Focus on creating the content and let the software take care of the publishing and performance tracking.


By managing your social media platforms professionally not only can you boost the level of engagement of your followers but also generate more organic traffic to your website. Nurturing your social media accounts will pay you handsome dividends over time.

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