Most asked Digital Marketing questions

For every pain, there’s a Doctor. For every error, there’s a person in expertise. And for every digital query, there’s a digital marketing consultant to aid you and your business.

The best digital marketing consultant in Gurgaon is here to solve your basic queries that arise often when you are in business.

The thing is, digital marketing business is not an easy path to conquer and before can experience it first hand, it’s already too late. Just to answer your most asked questions, this blog was written.

The most frequently asked questions in the field of digital marketing are:

1.  Why is my site not ranking?

 Well, maybe you haven’t put in the work required by a website to work and rank properly. Or, you haven’t set up your SEO up to the mark, or maybe worst yet; your content is not framed properly or is plagiarized.

The above mentioned were some of the possibilities of why your site is not ranking on search engine. A poorly built SEO can even drag your website from the top position to the ground. This is obviously bad for your business and your brand.

If the case is of your content being a plagiarized piece of theft, then you have serious reasons to worry. A plagiarism lawsuit has the potential to end your market value and sometimes your company. Make sure your content is original by checking it after completion on various plagiarism checkers.

Improving the above things will definitely help you get the rankings your brand and product deserves.

 2. Why am I not getting the traffic on my social media pages?

3.      This is a very complicated yet very simple thing to achieve. Your brand is your ultimate advertiser. If people value your brand, they will automatically value your brand’s social media handles.

To build a better brand reputation, you might have to keep the circle going by posting actively and making the audience aware of your brand’s achievements regularly to build trust and a loyal following.

Keep them updated about the upgrades you have done or are planning to do to your brand or your product. Treat their questions, suggestions and even insults respectfully in your inbox. Ask your satisfied customers to spread the word of mouth and keep the ball rolling by asking them to make videos and suggestions for your product which does bulk marketing automatically.

3. How can I engage my audience more?

 This depends on your team’s creativity. An attractive piece of info-graphic will fetch audience to your page and website in no time and a brilliantly choreographed blog or other content will hook them up for a long time. The power of content acts both ways, it helps in keeping a hold of the potential customer as well as it helps building you a great SEO, which obviously means better business altogether. Make sure to bring your A game in motion when you are in the process of creating content or graphics for your website or social media pages.

 The above were some of the most asked and tricky questions that everyone has wondered about in this field. Most of the sites and people will use tricky terms and will behave like only they can do this stuff, which is not true at all.

Just some knowledge and a bit of practice will surely make your business increase and the opportunities will come flooding in once you have a remarkable SEO, Content, and Graphics.


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