Is there an ideal time for e-mail marketing? Are you following the right procedure?

The all-time topic that creates interest is marketing.  Marketing, the term sounds straightforward and easy job. Well, for an individual with talent anything will be easy. Marketing is an art and science of creating a desire in the minds of individuals.  Creating awareness was the definition of marketing all these days.  But now the trend is changing and moving towards creating desire through the creation of consciousness.  Sounds confusing, isn’t it? 

When we see the marketing campaigns which are shown nowadays, one thing we can observe is that the campaigns are not just placing its product but explaining the usage of the products.  We should appreciate the individual or the Marketing professional who has thought of this concept of creating desire or need in the minds of individuals. Usually, any marketing professional who is dedicated towards the work will always try to create something new.

Services you can get from a professional marketing professional

A marketing professional should always guide his/her client explaining them about the trends prevailing in the market.  In case the client wants to try something new, the marketing professional should advise regarding the consequences whether good or bad to the client.  It is the prime duty of any marketing professional to do the necessary market research and study the psychology of the consumers on behalf of the client.

At Gramista, a practice they sincerely follow is to guide our client based on his requirement and help him in the achievement of his desired goals. E-mail marketing is the most common marketing technique used by marketing professionals. A marketing campaign sent through e-mails to the end user is called e-mail marketing.  Being the most common and cheapest marketing technique, it is used by almost every, of course, the range it is used depends on the level it requires marketing.  Now, you may have a doubt when it is ideal to do email marketing?

The ideal time to do e-mail marketing

To be frank, there is no such hard and fast rule about the perfect time that has to be followed concerning e-mail marketing.  But if a particular process is followed, the technique will work out. Usually, e-mail marketing is done before the launch of the product to create awareness among the general public. Photos taken on Instagram can be attached to generate the attention of the end user. The information is sent to the list of consumers or randomly through e-mails.  This process is done many times by giving a small gap between each message, so the consumer does not get biased.  In case, the consumer reads the e-mail and responds to e-mail either by replying or emailing back, and he will be deemed as a potential customer, and the marketing team will then start their second round of email sessions.  In this, they try to elaborate on the product and its uses or in fact, multiple uses through an individual can benefit from the product.  You should ensure you take good snaps of images of the utilities of the product and send it to the end user. The photos will teach the end-user how to make use of the product.

Once the potential customer responds to elaborated emails, he will be forwarded the emails stating the cost and availability of the product.  After sales of the product, there will be emails between the two parties which mainly involve only general correspondence.  For example, the marketing person may send an e-mail asking for customers remarks over the product; or it may be like asking the customers whether he is happy using the product; or is he facing a problem with the product, etc.  And when the customer reacts, the correspondence between the two parties continues.  Whenever there is any new launch of a product or a new scheme being introduced, the e-mails can be sent to the customers and again the process of marketing starts. 

The above lines were an explanation of the process, but if you feel some steps should be cut short, it can be done because every marketing professional has his/her own style of doing campaigning.  But experts suggest and advice that a right message at the right time will give the right success.  After all, what is the use of the medicine after the patient has died?  So timing is critical because time never waits for anyone.  When you have the opportunity, make use of it full-fledged.

Who can send the e-mail marketing messages?

E-mail marketing technique is so user-friendly that anyone which some knowledge to use it can send an e-mail message.  All you need to have is a computer (whether desktop or laptop) within internet connectivity.  This internet connectivity helps you to reach the world at large.  There is no boundary for you until and unless the concerned country’s government has restricted the access.  But hiring a marketing professional outside your team will give the marketing professional the right to interact on your behalf.  You may get a better output because of the experience and talent of the marketing professional.

What should be avoided in e-mail marketing?

E-mail is a technique which enables you to send various messages.  It may be personal, professional, or general. But when a marketing campaign is done through e-mail marketing, ensure that you do not send any personal emails to the end user.  Your messages should not contain any vulgar language or language which has a double meaning and are hurting the emotions of the end-user. No threatening emails should be sent in email marketing.  Nowadays, many operators have given the option of unsubscribing to individual emails.  This is a benefit to the end-user and a disadvantage to the marketer.  In case of getting irritated by the endless emails, if the end-user opts to unsubscribe, then the marketer will lose an opportunity to convince the end-user.  So, do not send continuous e-mails without getting any response from the end-user. The images you post through Instagram should be relevant to the e-mail message.  Never send any irrelevant image because the customer may get irritated.

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